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  1. Thanks for the reply Jon! My idea: would it not be possible to let each installed app have it's own copy of thumbnail.dll (since it is only 400k). I'm assuming there is a lot of overlapping files between each Affinity program, but they don't all get put in the shared directory. Why does this one specifically need to go there? Is it really the only shared component? The reason is: it's just cleaner. I appreciate that Affinity products don't litter up the registry. They're not portable, but at least they don't vomit all over the filesystem. Except for this one file!
  2. I installed Designer I did not install it in the Program Files directory. I installed it in a different directory. However, after installation, I find that Designer has created this folder: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Common which contains just one file: Thumbnail.dll The expected behaviour is that Thumbnail.dll should be in the same directory as all the other Affinity program files, in the place I chose during installation.
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