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  1. I played around with the beta a few months ago and it looked like some really powerful DP X8 tools (Auto Trace for one) had been removed in lieu of fancy effects brushes and filters After receiving a 20% off Affinity offer by email yesterday I searched high and low for a Windows demo to give it a try again to see if any of DP x8's exclusive features had made it to the final cut but after some frustration and several useless dmg files I found that Draw Plus x8 is selling for roughly $19 (after using a voucher currently still in circulation on the net) Now with a solid copy of x8 unde
  2. I know there will not be a DPx9 but will Serif still keep DPx8 available?
  3. I'm having a hard time seeing lines as I draw them I've noticed that in the view menu there is an option to turn lines on but it turns the objects' colors off; making it hard to determine what objects look like in front of or behind each other. Is there a way to get both the curves and colors displaying as in x8 (and most drawings apps)?
  4. Two suggestions I can offer aside from tutorials: 1. Try every button and see what it does 2. Think of vector drawing like sketching pieces of a picture (trees, cats, fence, etc) that you can move around on your canvas; left, right, up, down, in front of each other, behind each other, etc As well each image has 'pull points' in case you want to perfect the image (ie; a dog's nose was quickly hand drawn too square so you access the points and push and pull until the nose has more of a curve)
  5. Giving it some thought the extra features appear to be extended color and filter tools while sacrificing some of x8's technical drawing features; almost like this would be better named DrawPlus ColorDesk
  6. I've noticed right off the bat that affinity is missing auto-trace. But it appears to have some tools that DrawPlus does not From the little I've played around in Beta so far it appears to be inferior to x8 So even though Serif won't be advancing to x9 I hope that they don't stop selling x8
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