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    32 bit Version

    I think a 32 bit version might be suitable for a lot of people who are having problems with the current Windows release. It'll be better performance wise.
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    That's a very nice design and try Tears of Blood
  3. Optic Failure

    Portfolio Website

    Hello, my name is Chris (15 yrs ) I'm a web designer. I spend all of my day and most of my nights in a design tool. One day I hope I'll have the honors of being Drafted on Dribbble so I can (seriously) share my works with the design community and get better projects. The design I'll being presenting to you is my portfolio site, I originally started in Photoshop with this but I ended up deleting most of what I did because I wasn't pleased with it and I ended up redoing it in AD. If you'd like the full size version Click Here
  4. Optic Failure

    Portfolio Website

    @A_B_C thanks, I'll be hosting images on my own website soon, so it shouldn't be a problem then.
  5. Optic Failure

    Portfolio Website

    @MattP thanks for the kind words and good eyes. I tend to type out things sometimes without double checking my grammar.