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  1. mikaelcedergren

    Exporting artboards

    Ah, that explains it. Thank you.
  2. mikaelcedergren

    Exporting artboards

    I have 3 art boards in a document and I want to export them. They're selected and I click Export All. I can't get it to work with Dropbox, but I'd be happy just saving it to the camera roll. Can't find an option to save to camera roll, and when saving to Dropbox it says it's exporting but checking the folder in my Dropbox there's no files to be found. How do I do this?
  3. mikaelcedergren

    Stay non-adobe

    I've been a heavy user of Adobe products during my professional life, and liked their software, except that they bloat them, and the company themselves are assholes. And I notice that you take heavy influence from everything, including the website. Which is fine, as long as you do it better. I love Affinity Photo and have bought Designer and will jump into it soon. Can't wait for a better Lightroom version as well, but I have merely one request: Stay Non-Adobe. Don't bloat, be good, cool guys. There's a lot of people wanting to move away from Adobe. Make their choice easy. Regards, Mikael.
  4. MBd... you're the king! I tried using the RGB values and now it works. Definitely a failure in the calculations in Affinity, but at least I can do it now. :) Sucks having to do destructive dodge/burn.
  5. Thanks R C-R. I get that, but the issue is that a 50% gray overlayed pixel layer shouldn't affect any layers at all, at least no visible affect. It doesn't in photoshop, but in Affinity it does therefore I cannot use the non-destructive dodge/burn technique. Maybe I missed pointing out one thing - I haven't dodged or burned anything on the 50% gray pixel layer. It's just flat and still affects all layers visibly.
  6. I've tried this and it doesn't work. I've got a pixel layer, exactly 50%, overlay (also tried soft light) and even if I don't do any dodge or burn effects the layers beneath clearly get influenced by the gray layer. In photoshop this doesn't happen since the 50% gray get discarded. Is there a problem with the blending mode? I'm working in CMYK and I have Live Effects on the layer and some adjustment layers but the 50% gray is at the absolute top of the layer structure.

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