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  1. I've been a heavy user of Adobe products during my professional life, and liked their software, except that they bloat them, and the company themselves are assholes. And I notice that you take heavy influence from everything, including the website. Which is fine, as long as you do it better. I love Affinity Photo and have bought Designer and will jump into it soon. Can't wait for a better Lightroom version as well, but I have merely one request: Stay Non-Adobe. Don't bloat, be good, cool guys. There's a lot of people wanting to move away from Adobe. Make their choice easy. Regards, Mikael.
  2. MBd... you're the king! I tried using the RGB values and now it works. Definitely a failure in the calculations in Affinity, but at least I can do it now. :) Sucks having to do destructive dodge/burn.
  3. Thanks R C-R. I get that, but the issue is that a 50% gray overlayed pixel layer shouldn't affect any layers at all, at least no visible affect. It doesn't in photoshop, but in Affinity it does therefore I cannot use the non-destructive dodge/burn technique. Maybe I missed pointing out one thing - I haven't dodged or burned anything on the 50% gray pixel layer. It's just flat and still affects all layers visibly.
  4. I've tried this and it doesn't work. I've got a pixel layer, exactly 50%, overlay (also tried soft light) and even if I don't do any dodge or burn effects the layers beneath clearly get influenced by the gray layer. In photoshop this doesn't happen since the 50% gray get discarded. Is there a problem with the blending mode? I'm working in CMYK and I have Live Effects on the layer and some adjustment layers but the 50% gray is at the absolute top of the layer structure.