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  1. I've bought several Macphun plugins. I sent them an email asking them when Macphun plugins would be compatible with Affinity Photo, they responded very quickly stating they had no plans at this time to make them compatible with AP. I tell people who have AP and want to purchase Macphun filters (they are well worth it) to contact them and let them know you use Affinity Photo and would like to purchase their products but because they are not compatible at this time you have to hold off until they are. Maybe if enough of us send them emails they will get the hint that they can increase sales by m
  2. I've had Affinity Photo for maybe one month. After not being able to use the Crop Tool or the Clone Stamp, I'm starting to think this program is not for me. How does one go about requesting a refund? I'm not saying I want one but I have tried about 30 times to get both the Crop Tool and the Clone Stamp to work with no success at all. I have saved the photo and closed out AP and restarted and tried again with no luck whatsoever. If I can't use the crop tool or the clone stamp tool then this program is of no use to me.
  3. I'm trying to crop a photo but the crop tool does not work for me in fact I can't get any of the tools to work for me. I like some aspects of Affinity photo but certain features need an overhaul in my opinion. Not enough plugin filters work and things that should be easy (like using the clone stamp and cropping an image) are way too difficult to use. I'm close to just going back to photoshop because it's becoming clear to me that the learning curve on AP is too steep and I am too versed in photoshop to overcome it. I won't go as far to say that I wishI never bought Affinity Photo because like
  4. I am trying to use the clone stamp (Clone Tool) maybe its because I am too used to using Photoshop but I used the command key and the C key then used the command key and the V key and nothing happens. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong and why Affinity Photo decided to make it so hard to use the clone tool? Thank you.
  5. I have found a few free plugin filters for Apple Photos but when I try to set them up in Affinity Photo they do not work. I have gone into Preferences and done the necessary set up to get them to work but they do not seem to work with Affinity Photo. One set of these freebies is by On1 Effects and the other one is by Macphun Creative Kit. Any suggestions to how to get them to work and if they don't any idea when they will? I really like using Affinity Photo but in my opinion the most important update feature they need to work on is getting photoshop plugins to work with Affinity Photo. Once
  6. I installed the NIK collection with what seemed to be no problems. I went to the preferences and did the necessary work to get four of the plugins to work with no problems (Analog Efex/HDR/Color Efex/Silver Efex) but when I use Dfine I get the message below. (Note I also get this message with Sharpener and Viveza). Does anyone know why I am getting these messages? DFine 2 was not able to apply the noise reduction to a separate layer. The noise reduction effect will be applied to the active layer. If you would like to apply Dfine 2 to a separate layer or selectively, please check to make sure
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