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    Olesia reacted to MEB in Draw a spring or wavy line; add arrow to middle of curve.   
    Hi idraw,
    Here's a quick way to draw consistent wavy lines. The same technique can be applied for springs.
    This isn't intended to devalue your request for a precise geometric tool for this kind of needs, which i agree it's quite useful.
    It's just a way to help you solve the problem with the available tools/resources we have at the moment.
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    Olesia reacted to R C-R in Node shape indicators explained   
    Red signifies the starting node. The shapes indicate the type of node; round for Bézier (smooth), square for Sharp, & round with a dot for Smart.
    There are some illustrations of this in the included help system: open Affinity Designer Help from the Help menu (Mac); click on "Drawing Lines & Shapes" > "About lines & shapes" to see them.
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    Olesia reacted to superhaschi in Convert single curve into rectangular object   
    you're welcome! happy that I could help you
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    Olesia got a reaction from superhaschi in Convert single curve into rectangular object   
    Thank you a lot for such comprehensive  explanation . I follow your instruction and done it in my project. Also it is great tip from you to divide and delete the small pieces. Thank again  :) 
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    Olesia reacted to superhaschi in Convert single curve into rectangular object   
    because you need a transparent image at the end, I think you have to cut out the spaces. I don't know if it is the right way but you can achieve it like this...
    (since we still don't have an offset tool, we have to use expand stroke)   1. write your text, set stroke width and align stroke to outside (stroke width will determine the space between your text and your lines later)   2. convert your text to path and go to Layer -> Expand Stroke (I've switched off visibility of the black text in the screenshot)   3. draw your lines with your appropriate stroke width; highlight your lines, go to Layer -> Expand Stroke and set Geometry -> add, now you have one "line-shape",     make sure your line-shape is underneath your text   4. highlight the line-shape and all the expanded strokes -> Geometry -> Subtract    5. now you have a cutted line-shape   6. Geometry -> divide and delete the small pieces   7. you're done ;-)

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    Olesia reacted to MEB in Multiple windows side by side   
    Hi Olesia,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    To display multiple documents at the same time you have to change to Separated Mode (menu Window ▸ Separated Mode).
    To switch between document tabs press ⌘ (cmd) + `
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