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  1. Hey Chris, Thank you for your answer. Just to let you know that the blocks also appear in the 1.9.2 update. If you have found something while digging, feel free to let me know.
  2. Since AP 1.9 and also 1.9.1, when editing or moving a raw file in the Develop Persona red blocks appear over the photo. When deselect Metal in preferences, everything goes fine. With Metal enabled, the red blocks appears again.
  3. Strangeā€¦ I thought before AD 1.4.2 it works entering a comma. So I don't know what's changed.
  4. Just jumping in this old thread. I thought it was in previous versions possible to use a comma as a decimal separator. But now (AD 1.5.4) I can only use period. Is it a preference setting to use a comma as separator? Thanks !
  5. Is it possible to select a specific page when I place a pdf in AD? Now I got no dialogue box and all the pages are grouped in one big layer. Thanks !
  6. Hi Chris, Can I upload the file to an (private) dropbox or an other way? It's a card for a client and there info is confidential. Thanks.
  7. When I import some pdf in Affinity Designer, not all objects are imported. Even they are visible in the 'PDF options' splash screen. Is there something I overlook or is this a bug? If you would like, I can upload the pdf and a couple of screenshots in your private dropbox (which dropbox-account may I take?) Thanks !
  8. Hi Callum, Thanks for the reply. I didn't know that you can change the units in the Zoom Tool, and it is an easier way than always going to the document setup. But if I may place a feature request, a default metrics in preferences (like your default language) would make working with AD a little bit easier :) . Especially if you mainly do print work. Thanks for the great app !
  9. When I open a pdf in Designer, the standard documents are points. Is there a possibility to make, for example, millimetres as a standard? So that every new pdf that I open, will open with millimetres as document units?
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