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  1. DeadArtist

    setup wacom tablet

    Im using the most recent 6.3.27-2 and 10.13.1 for OSX.
  2. DeadArtist

    setup wacom tablet

    My Intous Pro has a super lag problem and I'm talking plugged in the the USB port of my iMac it's even worse if i try using the Blue Tooth set up.. Wacom has been no help. How have any of you handled this problem? At the moment I'm training with Affinity Designer.
  3. Shading the Robot: We are asked to select shapes, select add to combine. We are then asked to remove fill and set layer to multiply to create a clipping layer. When I do that, there is just a vector outline. You then switch to Pixel Persona and add a pixel layer inside the clipping layer. As soon as I switch to that layer, the vector outline disappears! How do I paint something I can't see. There really needs to be an area in this forum dedicated to the workbook. With all the hype selling this book to newbies, there must be also of folks out there scratching their heads.
  4. Good luck with that. I just winged it, looking at the photos later in the tutorial. You thinks that's fun, wait until you get to the Whittler tutorial. That's why I'm here, fishing in the forum,