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  1. Hi, I am trying to do a power duplicate while rotating an ellipse. the amount of rotation needs to be as precise as possible. I and trying to create seven ellipses in a perfect circle. The attached file shows what I am trying to do. I need seven smaller ellipses equally spaced around a larger ellipse. I have created one and changed its rotation point to the center of the larger ellipse. It works fine if I manually rotate it but if I enter a precise rotation value (51.428571429) in the transform panel, the rotation point is ignored and it just rotates around itself. Thanks.
  2. I would like to be able to move styles between categories. Currently, once a style is created and placed it into a category there is no easy way to move it to a different category. As the number of styles increase, it would be nice to be able to easily create new categories and move each style around as desired. Fred
  3. I had created several styles and then decided to clean up my styles by recategorizing them into new categories. I ended up having to create new objects, apply my existing styles to them, create new styles in the new categories that I had created, and then delete the old styles from the default categories. I tried to find out where Affinity Designer stores the styles on my disk but was unsuccessful. I was hoping I could solve the problem at the Finder. So where are the styles stored and can they be edited? If not, I will add a feature request to be able to move styles between categories. Thanks... Fred
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    Any guess as to when symbols will be added? I know it is on the feature list but I haven't seen any updates for awhile. Fred