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  1. I have URL links on text and objects. They don't show when I check "Show Anchors."
  2. Is there some way to show or indicated what text and objects have hyperlinks attached? I'm asking about when I look at a page I would like to know where the hyperlinks are on that page without having to search for them through the Hyperlinks Studio panel.
  3. I see it now. You need to double click on the listing, but not on the name text. This is good to know. Thanks.
  4. I see how to edit the name of the link in the Hyperlinks panel, but I do not see how to change the type of link, or the link itself. Can you show me please?
  5. A simple way to view and edit hyperlinks is needed. A few options come to mind: Add the link info to the Hyperlinks panel and add the ability to view and edit there. Add the link info to the layer in the layers panel. Add the link info and edit to the right click contextual menu.
  6. I can send you the file privately, but I cannot post it publicly since it's one of my plans that I sell. "Was the frame containing links promoted from the Master Page?" No, it was created on a non-master page.
  7. There are known issues with Hyperlink Picture and Text Frames of any kind on master pages.
  8. You are not understanding what I'm saying. You see my master page here, but the hyperlink was created on a non-master page. When I click "Go to Source" in the Hyperlinks panel it shows the link on my master page. That is not correct.
  9. This screenshot shows one of my master pages. The hyperlink is placed on page 2 of my project. Clicking "Go to Source" shows it's correct position, but but the correct page. This is true of all hyperlinks. I have the setting set to "All Spreads," but they should still take me to the source of the hyperlink when I click on Go to Source.
  10. Hyperlinks on master page text does work, but hyperlinks to URLs on master pages and on picture frame hyperlinks do not work.
  11. FYI, you can create a "hotspot" by placing a picture frame and attaching a hyperlink to it. The addition of hyperlinks is SO much appreciated. Thanks Affinity.
  12. View > Studio > Reset Studio did the trick. Thanks.
  13. I have successfully added a few hyperlinks, but I see nothing when I try to View/Studio/Hyperlinks. No window or tab opens. This is on my Mac
  14. I have it now, but it did not show as an update when I clicked "Check for Updates."
  15. As of now there is no Mac version update yet that has this feature.
  16. I messed around with the settings. I made adjustments to the TOC 1: Heading 1 and that helped. But if I try to set all the paragraph settings inside that style and I delete the TOC: Entry style, then when I refresh the TOC: Entry style is recreated. This is difficult to understand. It seems like all of the text styles are required in the TOC. There's one for entries, one for numbers, and one for tables. I could use help with this.
  17. I think it's more about not understanding "the intent" as you say. I plan to spend some time with a blank file and practice working with the TOC. I think it would be helpful if there was a guide about using the TOC. I do see some info in the getting started video, but that info is very basic.
  18. I've had a bunch of crashes when I paste from Apple Pages.
  19. It does not want to hold my tab stop setting. I set it to 2.15", update the TOC, and the tab stop setting is ignored.
  20. Yep, it's a mess. Nothing seems to get me what I want. I deleted a bunch of the text styles when the TOC is selected, and that just made things worse.
  21. It may be something like that, but it is confusing. I'm going to play with the settings a bit and see what I come up with.
  22. Every time I update my TOC the text style changes from my custom setting to TOC Heading 1. How do I set it so it maintains my custom text style?
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