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  1. Alright, thanks for your help! I guess I'll just be more careful now and hope the program doesn't quit out of the blue again. I checked again and there is no error log (It happened a few hours ago and I only have about 7 error logs altogether). So as you said I would assume it was an unfortunate glitch and I will definitely save more often now. Thank you very much! Regards, ElectroPug.
  2. Thanks again for your reply! Well the program did crash, at least I think so because it just ended without any sort of message. I just tried crashing the program manually and it seems to save the recovery files correctly when I saved the project once. I just force closed AD myself through CMD+ALT+ESC, worked this time. To my surprise I didn't find an error log of AD, just some old ones from Firefox and other programs. Seems kind of weird to me since I'm about 90% sure that the program crashed. Regards, ElectroPug.
  3. Thanks for your reply! I just read another thread from another user (I think it was about a year old) who had the same exact problem with the two hours of work gone. In order for the "recovery file" to work or being created, do you maybe have to save the project at least once? Because I did not save at all. (Stupid I know.) Additionally, I'd like to provide an error log for the developers if this happens again, is there a way to create one? Greetings, ElectroPug.
  4. Hello Forum, this is my first post so please be easy on me. I just witnessed, after 2 hours of painting, my program force closing. I didn't save my work (I simply forgot it, really stupid I know) and after reopening the program I recovered my file but it was just one layer in there and everything was like when I just started my project. I went into the preferences and checked the File Recovery Interval which was set to 5 mins. so I have to ask: Do you have to activate something else in turn to make the file recovery interval work? I also started a new project and set the interval to 30 sec. and drew a line on my picture and waited 30 seconds to see if the program would save on its own after the time had passed but nothing happened. I'm very upset that my work is now gone and so I want to know what I did wrong so this won't happen anymore. Maybe there's even a way to restore my original file that I simply dont know? :huh: Greetings, ElectroPug.

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