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  1. Hi MEB, Here is a file that exhibits the behavior along with a video showing the issue. Thanks! Asset and Frame Example.afpub Example.mov
  2. I'm happy to do that. It will probably take couple days. It's relatively simple. I drag the artistic text object into the text frame so that I can insert it on the page. (I have the artistic text object set to jump text wrap.) I end up with a box with text inserted into the stream of the text. When I drag the artistic text object over the text frame, the text frame blue border disappears. All you can see is the text, no text frame. Once you drop the asset, the text frame outline reappears. I will try to put together the clip and upload a file that exhibits the problem.
  3. I created an artistic text (with decorations - a box around the text) object and stored it in the asset panel. When I drag this artistic text asset from the asset panel to a text frame, the text frame border disappears. When I drop the asset, the text frame border reappears and stays visible as a reposition the asset further.
  4. I just converted the PDFs to JPGs and the response is more normal. Publisher does not seem to handle PDFs well yet.
  5. Yes, it's very slow. Dragging the images is very difficult because of the lag. Like seconds for it to show the new position after you move the mouse. The images aren't super hi-res, but they are PDFs. Maybe that's the problem?
  6. Sorry, MikeW. I was composing while you where writing. You are correct. The use of the artistic text is the way to go, rather than try to make text frames work differently, imho. Thanks for all the help, everyone!
  7. I now understand the issue and MikeW nailed it! This is not a bug. I'm not sure how I missed it, but text wrap for the image was turned on. Which is the problem! (I must have checked the text frame.) When you move the text frame over the image, the text jumps out of the way of the image, which is what you want to happen for an image being placed into a column of text. But I'm trying to use a text frame over a text box for annotation. Publisher does what it has been told to do and moves the text below the image. I looked for a way to tell this one text frame to ignore text wrap, but I don't see anything at first glance? Any ideas?
  8. I'm completely baffled. I inserted the SAME image (that was not working) on a different page, then placed the text frame over it. It worked fine. I tried to see if having the image embedded or linked made a difference. It does not appear to. But my testing has not been exhaustive. So that you can see the phenomena, I'm posting a one page file that demonstrates the problem. At the top of the page is a text frame "Test Text". If you move it down and over one of the two images, the text should disappear. Let me know if you do not see that same behavior... Text Not Displayed.afpub
  9. Hi Peter, That was a great test! I tried it with a different image file and it worked for me as well. Then I tried a different image similar to the one that shows the issue, and it failed. It seems to have to do with the image I am using. Both images I used (the one that works and the ones that don't work are all PDFs. So it's not the fact that the image is a PDF. It's something about the particular PDF that I have. I'll need to do more investigating to try to understand the difference between the two types. Thanks for putting me on the right track! I'll report back when I better understand this phenomena.
  10. Thank you, MikeW. I did confirm that the text wrap was set to none. For completeness, I also confirmed that the text frame is above the image in the layers panel. While I don't think the text frame behavior is correct, I have found another way to do what I want. I have instead used the artistic text and added paragraph decoration to place the box around the text. It works better, in fact, because the box autosizes to the text and the distance between the box and the text can be specified in the paragraph decoration settings. Placing the artistic text on the image works fine.
  11. I am placing a text frame over an image to add labels. The fill is set to white and the stroke is set to black for the text frame. It displays correctly when not on the image. However, when any portion text frame is placed over the image, the text disappears. The stroke around the frame displays as expected, though. Is there something I should be doing differently?
  12. It certainly does. Thank you for pointing out what was wrong. My error, to be sure. (Sorry...) Would you be kind enough to explain why this happens? I hope I'm not being too daft, but I would think it would work this way even if "Keep with next" were set to a number greater than zero.
  13. Here is a file that demonstrates the issue (I think). When I try to insert a column break before the "Engine & Transmission" heading, it causes the text to jump below the end of the second column, rather than to the top of the second column. At least, that's the behavior I expected. Insert Column Break.afpub
  14. I created a simple table in my document. I place the curser in the last row and move the curser using the right arrow key to advance through the last row of the table. When I get to the end of the table, pressing the right arrow key one more time crashes Affinity Publisher. I am also noticing that the last row is taller than the other rows and AP won't let me resize this row. I've attached the file... Untitled.afpub

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