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  1. Hi Chris, this issue seems to be resolved in version 1.6.6 of Affinity Photo. I am not able to replicate it anymore. It took you quite some time but now I am very happy. I now can paint without having to adapt to the bugs of the tool in use. Great job! Affinity Photo > Ps! \o/ Cheers, Pierre
  2. Hi Chris, I watched the Apple Keynote where Affinity Photo for iPad was demoed. It seemed to me that there was no lag at all. Granted, iOS and macOS have different event sources, but the event processing code should be ported easily to the Mac version of Affinity Photo. I may assume that the iOS and the macOS version share most of the graphic engine's code base? I imagine the flow of event data to be like the following: iOS: [UIEvent] -translated-> [Affinity Pen State] -> [Pen State Processing] -> [Affinity Graphics Engine] macOS: [NSEvent] -translated-> [Affinity Pen State] -> [Pen State Processing] -> [Affinity Graphics Engine] My guess is that the stage "Pen State Processing" is different in Affinity Photo for iOS and macOS. Regards, Pierre
  3. Hi Chris! :) Half a year has passed. Did your developers have the opportunity to address this bug? Seriously, though Affinity Photo has powerful tools and loads of configurations you cannot use it for drawing naturally. Photo editing, colour grading, composing—all that works fine since you do not rely on the stroke but on the final position of the pointer. But drawing (especially when hatchuring) and handwriting is not possible. If you'd fix this bug which resides in the _foundation_ of this app then Affinity Photo would plainly be the most potential PS killer for a very attractive price! Does Serif have any "official" opinion on this? Have others complained about this? Or do others not create concept art, drawings etc.? Do they workaround this by performing slow strokes? Am I not the target audience since I don't do photo editing? Best, Pierre P.S.: I really think of creating a demo-app with a pipeline of cached pointer device events which then will be processed asynchronously just to show you guys that there is something wrong with the way our devs do it.
  4. Hi Chris, I noticed that there is a macOS Sierra related update in the App Store — has the bug possibly been addressed, too?
  5. Hi Chris, This is …a bummer. (_ _ ) Essentially, this means that Affinity Photo cannot be used for painting or anything that requires natural strokes. I was so happy to have found the Affinity apps. Isn't the handling of pointing device events the foundation of a (pointing device based) graphics editor? Anyway, thank you for replying. I will come back later this year and see if there's a fix.
  6. Hello! :) Has this bug been fixed in 1.4.2? I cannot check for myself since my trial period expired. :|
  7. Erm, okay. The described pattern above to have the new keyboard shortcut take effect does not work (as I just found out while I was setting the keyboard shortcut back to F1 for the new layer). What is working is: Change shortcut. Click field of same shortcut again. Leave Preferences Window by clicking Close. Reopen Preferences Window. I use "⌘," to achieve this and the previously selected shortcut field will surprisingly contain "⌘,". Set the shortcut back again to intended value. Click Close again.
  8. Hi all, changing a keyboard shortcut will only take effect after one has left the Keyboard Shortcuts Preference Pane using the Preference Pane Selector drop down (either by selecting the preference panes overview or a specific preference pane). If you use the back button or just close the preferences window the new keyboard shortcut will be saved but it will not take effect! I discovered this behaviour while I changed some of the keyboard shortcuts, e.g. F1 will now create a new layer. I haven't tested other preferences nor if this behaviour can be replicated in Affinity Designer. My set-up: OS X 10.11.5 (15F34) Affinity Photo Trial 1.4.2 Cheers, geeknurse
  9. Some additional information regarding this issue: During my evaluation I labeled some sketches or added notes by writing in block letters using the brush tool and my tablet. The lag causes most of the letters to be barely readable since arcs or initial directions of lines are affected as described above. Furthermore, when strokes only take a short amount of time, which happens often when you write block letters, those strokes end up as single points as if the brush never had been moved. I think this is another important detail for the devs in order to identify the cause of this issue. This seems to be related: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/20455-inpainting-brush-and-wacom/ Though I doubt the OP's observation that the issue did not exist in Version 1.4.1 since this is the version I am using.
  10. You are welcome! :) And thank you very much for your short response time, you are awesome! ( In PS CS6 for OS X there's a bug regarding modifier key states and tool states which renders PS unusable. They didn't respond for over a year now. (-_- °) )
  11. Hi all, I am considering to replace the usual suspects (PS, Gimp, Pixelmator, …) with Affinity Photo. During my evaluation, while creating sketches, I noticed that brush strokes begin with a noticeable straight part though I was drawing arcs of lines (see the video attached). It seems that Affinity Photo does something time consuming when the first pointing device event is detected before it continues to process subsequent events. Perhaps it does something like copying the layer's contents for undo? Interestingly, in a video posted regarding the delayed finalisation of vector strokes in AD, if you look closely at the strokes' beginnings, you can observe the same behaviour. My set-up: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) 3,5 GHz Intel Core i7 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB OS X 10.11.5 (15F34) Wacom Intuos5 touch (driver 6.3.16-10) Cheers, geeknurse Affinity Strokes.mov

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