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  1. Hi JachofDiamonds, am I right, you dont want to clip or discard the outer objects and path finally? You just want them not to be seen any more? If this is the case you just have to push all the objects into the layer of the outline object you want to use as your "clipping mask" and after having done this you have to remove the color of the outline.
  2. Hallo all together, I wanted to know if Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer support the ICC-RGB-Profiles version 4 and version 2. Therefore I opened a PDF test document in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, that I found on the webpage of the International Color Consortium (http://www.color.org...ion4html.xalter). I was very surprised having to take note, that neither in Affinity Photo nor in Affinity Designer the color for both version 2 and version 4 were displayed correctly. So my question is if the two programs really don't support these ICC-Profiles or is the incorrect displayed color caused by my preferences. Many thanks in advance for answering.

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