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  1. .... a simple "Please be patience, we are investigating this issue" wouldn't hurt ;) Thanks
  2. Sorry for the delay, I had missed your answer. I have uploaded a "test_blurry" afp document, with a simple text, and the exported jpg file (100% quality, bicubic). Please notice the blurry text compared to the original.
  3. Did somebody found a solution or workaround for this problem? It's so bad that sometime, when exporting graphics for small web banners (100x100), the fonts are almost unreadable. We had to recreate the same design in Photoshop to export it. I hope they will take care of this in the next future. To create graphics that just look great on AD doesn't help much. Or maybe we should buy a AD license for every customer, and send them the .afdesign file.....
  4. puntorosso

    Embedding fonts in pdf

    Done with Dropbox then. Thanks
  5. puntorosso

    Embedding fonts in pdf

    May I send you a private link?
  6. puntorosso

    Embedding fonts in pdf

    Hi, just sent some exported pdf to print, and the press company told me that there's no fonts embedded with the pdf. I have checked the advanced options by the Affinity Designer pdf export window (under "More"), and the option "Embed Fonts" is marked. http://punto-rosso.d.pr/7Y3lk What's wrong?
  7. I have also the same problem. With Photoshop it was a straight forward procedure: create an artwork, export it, great! Now with Affinity we get a lot of technical stuff to read, like in a design school. Raster, vector, decimal points..... damn, I just wanted a banner for a webpage..... I really love Affinity software, but I will have to find an alternative if this doesn't change.
  8. puntorosso

    Export size error

    Hi, when I export a png of one Artboard from a document containing 2 Artboards, and I resize the width, the height is automatically changed to a wrong size. Please look at this screencast. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7D4HyHmVML0cjdsSnFObi1QUTQ/view?usp=sharing Thanks Best