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  1. Yes I want each layer to be exported to its own individual EXR document so I can do the compositing in Blackmagic Fusion. Thank you Ben and James for your advice. Am planning to move over to Affinity Photo from Photoshop (17 years using PS).
  2. Suppose I have an image with 10 layers. I want to export each layer separately as an EXR file. How would you do that in Affinity Photo?
  3. Replacing Your Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription for Under $100, Article mentions Affinity Photo. Replacing Your Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription for Under $100
  4. As a photographer I have moved onto to creating visual effects and animation on my still images. I also moved away from After Effects and embraced node based Blackmagic Fusion 8. You can take a photoshop file with all the layers and bring the file into Fusion. In Fusion you can select which layer to display in that photoshop file. Can Affinity make the Affinity Photo file format compatible with Fusion please. I know AP exports PSD but it would be nice to see AP play along with Fusion. RandomRotation has a video showing how this works on youtube. Its called Fusion Minis #029 - Photoshop Layers [ENG]
  5. Thank you for the reply. Will try it.
  6. Please implement Puppet Warp tool because its very useful for Matte painters and for Photobashing.

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