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  1. Would love to have the same functionality of spacebar as in Photoshop/Illustrator where you could hold down space when resizing or using pen tool to move the object/anchor point around! It increases the workflow speed by a lot! :)
  2. How about implementing a Illustrator like capability to quickly reposition the anchor point with holding spacebar? It adds so much speed to pen tool and should be an easy implement!
  3. rihardsr

    Pen tool behavior

    Please make this dream possible :D
  4. For example if I want to enable text panel i pres command+T, but if I use the same combination it does nothing - it does not hide it! Would love to have such a simple but useful functionality! :)
  5. rihardsr

    Reset Shortcut for Color

    What would be the D alternative in Photoshop?
  6. rihardsr

    Pen tool behavior

    Hi! I would really like to see this functionality implemented as well - it could be space or different key, but it is super handy when positioning anchor points!
  7. Thank you guys for creating such a powerful professional tool! I was wondering if there is any chance of you implementing a small feature - where the colourful tool icons could be switched to grayscale icons like in Photoshop for that professional feel? (it could be a checkbox in the options somewhere)

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