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  1. I downloaded Inkscape and I don't get the results you have there, even with a simple image. If you have time, please throw some tips here to achieve that amazing result you were able to get.
  2. I was able to install Potrace to see what you mean, however I can't find that app after installation. Maybe it works just with terminal? Let me know how this Potrace works, so I can be sure I didn't miss anything.
  3. I wasn’t using designer iPad for comics because the coloring became a tedious work. But this tool, this amazing tool by itself has change my world completely. FullSizeRender.MOV
  4. A client sent me an Adobe Illustrator file to work on a project. I open the project and see that one layer is showing a curve content but is actually a raster one. And I don't see any mask applied on it. Any idea why I'm getting this? Thanks in advance. Albertkinng Screenshot - 02-24-2023.mp4
  5. You are not going to believe what I’m about to say but here I go… My main language is Spanish. I was born and raised in the Caribbean. I started to speak english in 2000 when I moved to USA. To make the story short, In 1989 I learned to use a Mac with the system in English. And to this day, I can’t even use a computer in my own language. I feel like home if everything is in English! Lol! It’s me who keep thinking in Spanish and changing all the names back and forth.
  6. @thomaso I didn't know you were @walt.farrell lawyer LOL (just kidding) Walt helped me and his first suggestion worked fine. My questions were more about why I needed to explain why, when I already explained what I needed in plain english, pictures and video.As in "How can I rotate the orientation of the picture holder (I'm sorry, Picture Frame! This stuff about thinking in Spanish and translating my words for you to understand me always gives me two problems. 1) In english sounds rude or inappropriate and 2) The name of the tools is not the same in English!) So, anyway... Thanks for your tip. Very cool that you can change all of them at the same time. As I said before, the problem was solved with the help of a ten-year-old kid on another forum. I was able to select all the 'Picture Frames' and change the orientation so all the pictures could be placed straight on that template. Sorry again for my not easy-to-understand interactions here.
  7. Weird, I was able to do it with Adobe products and right now with Pixelmator Pro too. Well... maybe the way the app was made doesn't let you make that option easily available. I wonder if the developers who get the feedback would work with it... Albertkinng Screenshot - 02-23-2023.mp4
  8. Since I get an extra wide monitor the negative space is too much, and now I love to have my screen space completely in use, so I can have a productive and pleasing working day. Can you stack the tools windows side by side inside the app or is it just impossible right now? It will be good to have them side by side too, so I can use the main app and not having the tools floating around as I use to.
  9. Ok, @walt.farrell Why simply rotating it to the proper orientation wouldn't work for you. - I opened a file that obviously the user copied and pasted the picture holders from a landscape document. He was struggling because all the pictures he was trying to put on his document were showing up upside down. What you plan to do with it after the rotation, since a temporary rotation won't work for some processing workflows. - I thought I knew how to change the orientation, but then I realized I wasn't sure and came here to get help from people like you who know Affinity very well. I wanted to select them all and change orientation in one task, so I won't do all of them one by one. Now that I have explained all of this, I'm more confused on how this will help you tell me the rotation change commands, if you know many of them? Also, your initial help works fine. It really can be used as well. I was looking for something that let me do the same thing with multiple selection.
  10. @walt.farrell Explain what? What do you need to know about the need to change the orientation of the image holder? It worked fine, the project has been delivered, and the client is happy with it.
  11. Well, I went to an unofficial forum and a 10-year-old kid told me how to do this with one click. Go figure! Albertkinng Screenshot - 02-22-2023.mp4
  12. I know we are out of topic but it is a topic I love to death. I've been using Apple products since 1989 and because I grew up out of the United States I learned how to fix my Macs by myself because no one even knew about what a Mac was, to be honest. I bought all the books and learned everything. At 25 years old I was the only one fixing and helping other Mac users from my town. With that being said, I can't say I know what Apple is going to do, but rarely I fail on my theories and ideas, so I will share with you that Apple doesn't seem to kill the Macbook or iPad any time soon, but I'm pretty sure that a dual boot will be introduced soon. It's a move that they themselves pushed by mistake when they opened the iPad to be a consumer device instead of a creator device as it was originally designed.So I don't know how it will be implemented but a dual OS machine it got to be in the future plans. Maybe a laptop that when open all the way turns into an iPad or a Pro iOS (mini macOS) when you plug your iPad into the Magic keyboard case. Cross your fingers!
  13. I need to change the orientation of the pictures holders in Publisher. I remember watching a YouTube video where a guy changed this with a key combo, and now I can't remember? Do you know how to do it? (please don't say 'Rotate the selection' because that is not what I want to do, and it will not be funny either, Thank you)
  14. No. My files are on external drives, connected via USB-3 but we're planning to use Google Drive and Dropbox to share documents soon.
  15. It’s has been fun so far. I have my documents on an external SSD and a mouse I love to use instead of a keyboard trackpad. I’ve been using all apps but I hate to stop the workflow for not finding the tools where I’m used to when using the desktop app. Once I go the web and find out what I needed, I’m already finishing everything on Desktop. One thing is true, Apple pencil does a hell of a difference. I think that’s what triggered my desire to switch to iPad Pro full time.
  16. I have big plans to make that switch too. I'm still coming back to desktop because of some things I don't know yet how to do on iPad, I mean... I know they can be done but not intuitive enough for me to execute it right away. But I'm thinking really about moving to the iPad for everything this year.
  17. I believe that in 2019, to control people to download images from the web and try to help photographers the web start allowing new formats like HEIC, WebP and AVIF to be used on the web. Sometimes clients send me pictures in those formats and I forget, and my project crashes immediately because Affinity can't handle some of them. I haven't tried to open them on the Beta but the regular and stable version basically can't play well with them. Anyone with the same experience? AKCS-02-20-2023.mp4
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