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  1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. How do I upload the files to be inspected? In the topic post icons there is an image button but it wants a URL. There is the MyMedia button but it doesn't allow me to upload through it. Where do I find the area to upload content? thanks ~ Kasson
  2. So when I rasterise just the photo with the embedded adjustment layers and then export as PDF/X-4 the image disappears completely. Just white space where the photo should be. All the text is intact but no photo at all :( Any other work around's? I fear with my time deadline I'm going to have to get the file over to my old version of CS4 and rebuild/export in photoshop.
  3. So it really looks like it has something do with the adjustment layer I've got on the photo itself. It's just a simple Brightness/Contrast adjustment. Opacity on that layer is 100%, opacity on the photo layer is 100%. When I uncheck the bright/contrast layer and export as PDF/X-4 the photo looks fine. When I turn that layer back on and export, the photo looks like it has an opacity setting of 50%. As a test, I tried to export as PDF/X-3 and the export failed with a basic "Could not save" error message. But X-4 works, except for this one issue...
  4. I'm having the exact same issue. I'm working on 5 files to be used for CD artwork. All 5 files use the same base 300dpi templates (psd's or pdf's - i've tried both) with a photo and some text. All are getting exported out using PDF/X-4 also at 300dpi. 4 of the files export with no issues. 1 file exports and the photo is washed out. I tried flattening the file which solves the washed out problem but the rasterising of my font makes it look really bad. All the font/text is way less crisp and looks similar to having low quality jpeg compression. So flattening is not an option, and like MEB says above, you shouldn't have to do this. I've got to submit these art files for a client by Sunday so I'm stumped on how to move forward and fix this issue. Any help would be amazing!
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