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  1. Is there any way to prevent the bitmaps from scaling and blurring yet? (ie. a plain, pixel-by-pixel fill) Most modern webpages and UIs use repeating bitmaps extensively. (eg. for backgrounds) Without this basic capability, Affinity Designer is not very usable for web or UI work.
  2. Any updates on this? I'm trying fill shapes with thin, pixel perfect stripe patterns. I understand how to use the Gradient tool with bitmaps, but there is no way to lock the bitmap scale to 1x. The only way I can set the scale is with the mouse, which means it's impossible to get integer scale values, leading to ugly anti-aliasing. Ideally, there should be a way to fill using bitmaps at their pixel perfect size. Alternatively, any way to set the bitmap scale with a number, rather than the mouse.
  3. Just wanted to add support for this request. It's essential for anyone doing icon work. We need to be able to export slices at multiple point sizes and multiple pixel depths. Perhaps there can be some way for users to define "export sets," or something like that. For example, here are the requirements for iOS icons: 29pt@1x, 29pt@2x 40pt@1x, 40pt@2x 60pt@2x, 60pt@3x 76pt@1x, 76pt@2x 512pt@1x, 512pt@2x ...and for Mac icons: 16pt@1x, 16pt@2x 32pt@1x, 32pt@2x 128pt@1x, 128pt@2x 256pt@1x, 256pt@2x 512pt@1x, 512pt@2x
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