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  1. Thanks RNKLN! That's exactly what I needed! Easy, but for my eyes bloody hidden :lol:
  2. Hi MEB, it is not really easy to upload an image because I don't know how to simulate what I want :-) And my problem is also more complex - the flower was just an example :-) Maybe the better description would be, that I want a hole in the image in shape of flower. It mean that I will have the background image (for example some full color photo) with the hole in shape of flower in the middle with transparent background. Is ti more clear?
  3. Hi, Could you please help me with my task? I would like to cut out the object from the background. Let's say I have a vector icon of flower and I want to cut it out of the background. So the result I want is a cut out space in the shape of a flower in the background. I hope I wrote it understandable. I expect that it will be very simple but I really can't figure out how to do it :huh:
  4. Thanks again - cool :-) I was using Photoshop for more than 7 years but I have to say that Affinity is maybe even better - I just have to get used to different settings :-)
  5. PERFECT! Thank you so much - that's what i need! :-) Just one more question regarding resizing: When I'm resizing the image and want to save the proportions I usually hold CMD and resize the image by dragging the corner. But sometimes I need to hold CMD+Shift. Is there any reason why? And is there any difference between these two shortcuts?
  6. Hi, I have a problem while resizing images in Affinity Photo. Probably I am just doing something wrong because I was used to use Adobe Photoshop and Affinity works a little bit differently in some ways. My problem is that when I import some picture into my workspace (by copy-paste) and I'm trying to resize this image it always loose it's quality and has wavy edges. When I export it to jpg or png it seems ok but in Affinity it looks bad (see the screenshot). It is very complicated for me to work with images in bad quality - is it some kind of setting or is it a mistake in program? Is there any way how to turn it off? Thanks for the advise.
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