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  1. Done: https://community.serif.com/forum/pageplus/89259/garava-type-v3-74?page=1#answer286043
  2. I (have to) use text export as my publisher likes a separate text file (presumably for type-setting?). Loosing footnotes leaves the x-ref numbers hanging orphaned in the rtf text file. If it were in a WP file their relevance would be more apparent. It's also a clean way of backing up the "smart" text if (when?) the DTP software corrupts the master file.
  3. Ooops - one for a Moderator - I've stuck this on Affinity by mistake - plese can you shift it to PagePlus
  4. You're right "Wiki entry:Support of OpenType optional features limited to localized forms (locl) " I'm still a bit baffled why PPlus X9 has decided to unilaterally (?) use an opentype extended-set character (substituting U+E2D1 for U+0054) for the capital "T" when something like OpenSans (with 10 styles) is still displaying correctly? Probably just another time-waster to find out why PPlus X9 is different? I'll stick to another font for now!
  5. I can understand that Serif file formats are propriety & have (had?) commercial value to them, but as they have declared PagePlus obsolescent and have no commercial intention to support it with an Affinity importer, where would be the commercial/propriety loss in releasing the *.ppp format to let the wider community develop a translator?
  6. The Garava Type v3.74 is © Bhikkhu Pesala, 2016, but freely available from his website. As it has 6 styles, 3000+ Glyphs and he designs with PagePlus in mind, I just downloaded it. To see what difference it makes, I applied it to an existinf PPlus file where it displays with a decorative set of capitals (top half of pic). If I just select it in LibreOffice, it displays "normally" (bottom half of pic). No doubt this is a quirk of a en-coding somewhere as the decorative caps are down in the "Latin Extended-D" specials, but can anyone throw light on why it's showing up in what I thought was a "standard" type text in a *.ppp but not in LibreOffice?
  7. Not knowing much about MAC software, I can only surmise that, as there are freeware plug-ins available, such as XTensions, the relevant MAC XML file formats must be available. I believe that Adobe released a complete specification of the XML version of their IDML format, so "community" effort has gone into developing translators. What is needed here is for Serif to follow suit and to release the XML spec for the *.ppp format - and even offer an "in-kind" reward for anyone who writes them an Affinity Publisher translator/importer for *.ppp. I know the Scribus community is working on a *.ppp importer, so there are people out there with the skills required - all that's needed is for Serif to prime the pump with their XML specification?
  8. As you will be well aware, neither of those "import" files are vaguely intelligent file formats. It's nearly as much use as defaulting to the import of a *.txt file into a modern word processor - marginally better than copy-typing, but all the formatting and typography has been lost. As Serif now classify PagePlus as "legacy" and are apparently no-longer updating even X9, the product and its *.ppp format can have very little commercial value to them. As you are clearly simply abandoning your loyal old users, how about releasing the *.ppp file format documentation to the Serif community so that a community effort can have a stab at developing an "intelligent" xml parsing routine for an open source alternative like Scribus?
  9. It would be really useful if Affinity Publisher could export text/document files in an Open Format such as *.odt so that all the formatting, including foot-notes/end-notes are retained rather than the current Serif propriety xml *.sst.
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