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  1. Hi all, thanks to you all for becoming involved. I carried out the steps that Psenda had indicated, but something must have gone wrong as when I got to the last step (- APublisher, create New document via GreetingCard.aftemplate) . The document that appeared was a single page document named as untitled. As you can probably tell I am not a tech wiz kid, but I will give anything a shot. It looks like for the time being I will have to stick with Page Plus.

  2. Pšenda Thank you for your response. That sounds interesting. I don't know how to isolate a template in Page Plus, or to convert it to pdf and transfer it to Affinity Publisher. The two templates concerned are in Page Plus 9 under Publication Setup, tagged in Folded publications and are entitled Card and Tent Card. They are the ones I would like in Affinity Publisher. I feel it a bit of a cheek asking you for further help, but if you or anyone else can offer me further help I will be very grateful.



  3. I use to use Serif's Page Plus 9 for the creation of Greeting Cards. It was really excellent for that purpose. I was hoping to find a preset or document of a folded card nature, that I could use in Affinity Publisher. After an exhaustive search both in Publisher and the FAQ's I have not found anything. Has anyone any suggestions or do I still have to continue with Page Plus 9? If there is something in FAQ' that I have missed then I offer my sincere apologies. - Tim

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