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  1. Thanks for getting back. Yes it is an option, but does not have the accuracy convenience that Drawplus exhibits. I print 3 n-up on a landscape sheet of A4 from one file that I alter from time to time
  2. I know I have asked this before but I am just enquiring if the print menu from AD will include the option to print (n) up such as the facility in Drawplus. Sadly Its one of the prime reasons I cannot fully transfer my work to AD. Cheers John
  3. Maybe a stupid question so please excuse if so. Is the Flood selection tool the same or similar as the Magic wand tool in Serif PhotoplusX8? Cheers John
  4. Thank you "the Serif team" for this latest release. A lot of work to say the least. John
  5. Sharkey, not short of images, learnt a lot about AP whilst doing this. Pleased the "Governor" :D
  6. File format is jpg. image 1 size (6,122Kb). Image 2 (2,226Kb). I go to browse then select the first file from my hard drive then select attach this file, cogwheel revolves and no file added. Have tried both uploaders. Should add both files upload to FB with no problem. Thanks Alfred Now sorted as above
  7. My wife took this image through a glass window on a canal boat with an Iphone5, I started to modify it in Photoplus but in January but decided to finish it in AP. The new sky is from Selsey Bill in Sussex. Although there is a slight yellow tinge in the image I am nevertheless very pleased with how its turned out. Hours of work to do this. John
  8. The first image is my favourite, thanks for sharing, thanks for the idea, will take a close up of mine tomorrow which I grew from a cutting 10 years ago. Nice AP work. John
  9. Thank you Mike for getting back, from what you are saying I browse the file I want then attach the file, I then browse again and add the 2nd file then attach, then post. Is this correct? Problem I encounter visually is that doing it this way when I preview the post neither file is visible before posting and I cannot expand the "browse" file dialogue to see what's being selected. Cheers John
  10. Good afternoon, on the" share your work" Forum (like a before and after) is it possible to upload 2 images within one post? I have tried to select 2 files from my hard drive using the shift key but it does not work as anticipated. Sorry to be thick on this. Cheers John
  11. Alfred deleted the original some time ago, cannot remember the actual enhancements, but from memory I just reinforced the heaviness of the formation. It was taken with a Samsung S6 mobile, as it is not in my Canon library and have amended my original post.
  12. As per another Forum member suggestion about sharing a photo's I attach this one taken in my back garden just a few enhancements in AP. I have always been fascinated by cloud formations and have captured many of them over the years, I thought this particular formation looked more like an explosion than a cloud. If you look at the top of the cloud you can make out a plane emerging from the cloud. I am sure there are many more professional photographers on the Forum, I just take images for my own enjoyment. Samsung S6 mobile. I love AP its the best editing program I have ever used.
  13. think what the OP means is that you can set AP within PP as an external photo editor. It works fine in PPX9 John
  14. My Huion works ok in AP but there is no sensitivity like what is possible in AD. Sorry correction sensitivity does work
  15. Would somebody please like to elaborate on the Huion Tablet please? Cheers John
  16. Alfred this get stranger on my PC when the selected marquee disappears and I do as you suggested only part of the image is showing the red mask.
  17. Zooming in I lose the selection marquee when using the selection brush. Is obviously working as when I press delete I am left with a transparent area.. Win10 Light UI.
  18. Now installed Ok. Thank you to the team. On a personal note can I give a very big thanks for the light UI, for me its much better to work with. Looking forward to using this beta. John
  19. Sorry for the delay in answering, win version, AP customer beta on win10. AP1.5 and AD 1.5 both installed with latest updates. Best John
  20. So do I. Uninstalled and removed download in the process of downloading again. Same error message. Please advise Serif. Thank you John
  21. Ok downloaded and installed program does not start, has message this beta has expired! Where to now I wonder? And no I did not run an old beta, clicked on the link for customer beta and ran that downloaded version. It would seem I am not alone with this error.
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