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  1. Hi MEB, yes I am in sole charge of both. I have the windows version, both machines running win10 64bit. There is "not Fat chance" I will be using it for commercial purposes. I have been to my A/c and noted with interest the version numbers are 1.6.2, but the installed version I use is Should I download and install this version, or wait until there is an upgrade posted here or from the program? Cheers and seasons greetings John
  2. I have AP installed on my desktop and now wish to also put it on my laptop. (1) Does my licence allow this. (2) If so can i obtain the latest download from my account?
  3. Sima. thank you for your posting. Using your method in EDGE I download the LETTERERS brushes and have to say they look nice. I have also downloaded brushes from https://www.brusheezy.com/free/abr with no problem. Thank you once again
  4. How does one sign up to become a beta tester with this? Cheers John
  5. Really good news at long last, thank you, a question at this early stage, will the UI be available in both light and dark?
  6. Have I missed a trick but I seem unable to edit a gradient fill on a pixel layer. I was composing a project of which one of the layers had a gradient fill but when I returned to the pixel layer I seemed unable to edit it. All the program wanted to do was create a new gradient. Cheers John
  7. Thank you for this info, I was under the impression that 1.6 Affinity Photo and designer had been released by Serif already. I look forward to using your ver7
  8. Yes R C-R that's what I was trying to do. Will follow your advice. Cheers John
  9. Yes I do know that Alfred. What I am really after is the answer to. If I have a file open in AP and then want to add text on a shape in AD, if I edit the file in AD from AP how do I get the edited back into AP. The last time I tried this The two programs froze. So I was looking to see if there was a Tut on this in case I was doing something wrong. I hope this clarifies what I am trying to do. Cheers John
  10. Good afternoon. Is there a tutorial on opening an image from photo to designer and back please?
  11. Very clever and amazing. John
  12. Nor IE either. So wont be getting this offer then Cheers John
  13. Its probably just my set up but when I click on download all I get is a load of gobbledegook on the page both in edge and IE. John
  14. Sadly plugin Filter Forge6 still does not work in this beta version. John
  15. A good friend of mine made a video on this topic and can be viewed here....
  16. The topaz studio in Topaz is not listed, however it does not work anyway. Cheers John
  17. Are there any webinars for AP or AD if not are any planned?
  18. I can use FilterForge6 in the 1.5 AP release version but not in the latest beta version on win10. John
  19. Good morning, is there a printout somewhere on the Forum of the Keyboard shortcuts for AP(windows) please. I have searched but have been unable to find anything. John
  20. Good morning is there an update when a beta for windows is likely to be released on this yet? Cheers John
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