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  1. Why would you want to rasterize a photo? Isn't it already in pixel format? In AD, if I open 2 photos, and I want to copy one photo and paste it into another photo, it works perfectly when using the right-click menu to copy and paste. When doing the exact same thing in AP, the right-click menu does not work because it has switched back to the View tool when I want to paste into the second photo. I know you say that's by design, but why? Why doesn't it work the same way in both programs? I've used a lot of programs but never one that does this. It's awkward and makes the learning curv
  2. When opening a new document and/or several photos, the View tool is the active tool. When I want to copy from the active image, I select the Move tool, then right-click to open the menu, and select the Copy option. Then, I select one of my other images so you can paste what I just copied, Now, I have to re-select the Move tool to get the menu with the Paste option because the tool reverts back to the View tool. This is VERY annoying when copying from one image and pasting into another. It's also a lot of extra work. It would seem to me that the Move tool should stay active until yo
  3. Well, I tried searching for "32 bit", 32 bit, Studio, 32-bit preview and each time I got the exact same results as in my attachment. The search seems to leave a bit to be desired. I got absolutely nothing from any of my attempts. I don't seem to have a lot of luck with the Help search which is why I hop over here to see. I hate being a pest so this is usually my last resort. Will check out the info you posted though. Thanks!!!! OOps.. forgot to add. I had a photo open when I tried using this and none of the sliders worked. So, I used an image I created.. same results. Nothing on t
  4. On the current version of Affinity Designer, something new has been added to the Studios. The first one is 32 Bit Preview. What is that for? I was not able to find any information in the help files so don't know what to do with it. Can anyone help, please? Oh, and in layman's terms, please.
  5. Thank you!!! That was it!! I don't recall checking it but obviously, I did. I've never used masks before when working on a photo so I don't quite understand it all but I really want to learn. I love the Affinity line and the great support! Thanks again!!!
  6. I was following a tutorial for using a Quick Mask to change the eye color on an owl. I followed the exact steps as given below.: 1. Open the big eyed owl photo 2. Toggle the mask on (mask overlay selected on dropdown menu) 3. Set the Hardness to zero 4. Select the Paint Brush tool from the toolbar Next I attempt to "paint" over the eyes on the red overlay but nothing happens. I do not get the "preview" that the tutorial mentions either. I get a cursor that's a round circle with a cross in the middle. The strange thing is, it worked the first time I tried it. Went back to do the tutor
  7. This is a little bit advanced for me. I just want to save my images without having to make a bunch of decisions each and every time I save something.Other things "stick" when I don't want them to. For example, I floated the Transform panel (or is it called studio?) yesterday and didn't re-dock it. When I opened the program, it was just as I left it - the Transform panel was still floating instead of reverting back to its original place. The Defaults that we save doesn't seem to mean anything? It's the lilttle things that are so frustrating.
  8. Mike is correct. I create mostly objects and logos rather than a full page image. I always save the selected object without a background. That means, I export it as a .png. Any other program I've ever used, once I set it to my preferences, those preferences "stick" until I change them. DrawPlus was that way. I never had to re-export because I accidentally saved the entire document. For example, let's say I opened a new image and I created a bat, a ghost, and a pumpkin. I want to export each object separately as PNG files. I select the bat and PNG on the menu, then I need to selec
  9. The images I take with my camera are often much larger than I want and need to be resized for various reasons. I open AD, then open a photo and I don't see any way to resize it. There are little X's on the corners and middle of each side where normally there would be little handles. If I open a new document first, then insert an image via the Place Image Tool, then I can resize it but I should not have to open a new image first. So, my question is, how can I resize an image without having to create a new document?
  10. Mike, I have to agree with you. When you are resizing a group like that, everything within the group should resize. It's a normal reaction to expect that to happen, which is what I did. Along with that goes that "scale with object" check box. That should be checked by default. I forgot to check that so had to re-do. I don't even have the option of having it "stick" and have to go check it each time I want to resize. I really like AD but I can see a few very awkward things that make me want to just give up. The worse is saving images. I shouldn't have to check how I want to save it (w
  11. Well, I guess that makes you special then! :) In case you're wondering, Recovery Room is the name of my daughter and her partner's yacht. The one that they had prior to this one caught fire out in the middle of the river and they were both badly burned. When they got this new one, they "recovered" from their injuries there, thus the name. Someone else thought maybe he was a male nurse and worked in the recovery room. Now you know! :)
  12. Mike, I agree with you! This is very obscure. I had no clue what it was for. Normally, when resizing an image, you use one of the four corners which is why I did it that way. Had no clue what that other "dot" was for. How does one learn these things when they are not documented? Or how does one even know what to look for when they don't know what to search for? This is one I won't be forgetting! So, as I see it, if you want to resize something that has text in it, you need to use the bottom dot, otherwise you can use one of the four corners.
  13. Ahhh, I see what I did wrong!!! After re-reading the various conversations. I can see where I went wrong. Converting to curves worked perfectly but I didn't need to do that. I was using the wrong little "dot" to resize. There are four blue "dots" (probably called nodes) on each corner. I was using the one on the lower right corner to resize. This time, I used the other little dot and it worked. There's nothing to explain what those dots are for! I did check the box to resize the stroke with the image but forgot it the first time. I wish that box would stay checked by default. So,
  14. That was the magic method, Mike!! Once I converted the text to curves, it worked perfectly!! Thanks!!! Thanks to everyone else who tried to help. Love the "belay"! This is being printed on a black t-shirt and will also be put on a coffee mug. It would seem that if you started dragging the text, you'd get a popup asking if you wanted to convert it to curves? Thanks again!!!!
  15. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I am using the current Affinity Designer beta. I was creating a t-shirt design for a friend and wanted to resize it a bit. When I tried, the text on a path did not resize, it just kept floating around. I am showing both the before and after the resize images. What did I do wrong?
  16. Please give us a preview of what we're exporting. The default is Whole Document and if we forget to change that, we end up exporting the entire workspace instead of only the intended object. DrawPlus had a GREAT preview so we could see exactly what was being saved. In Affinity Designer, I end up exporting an image, then opening it back up to make sure I only got the image and not the whole page. The other option would be to make the options you select when exporting "stick". When saving several objects, I have to reset it back to saving with no background for each individual object.
  17. Who's to say that I will not buy an iPad in the future? There are sizes on the Page Presets on the Document Setup, so why not be consistent throughout? I don't agree that "most people" create an A4 page without caring what the physical dimensions are. If people didn't care, why bother to have more than one size? It doesn't matter, it's not worth arguing over but consistency makes things nicer for everyone.
  18. Well, maybe today I wouldn't want to design for an iPad as I have never seen one. However, tomorrow, it might be a different story. Having the sizes are also a learning tool. When you have just a name, there is nothing to relate to. For example, I see various tutorials that ask you to open a new A5 image. It would be nice if I knew what size that actually is before I open it. You have the sizes in the Serif Plus series and it would be nice to include them in the AD series so users don't have to go to yet another web size just to see what it is. What may be a common size in one country may n
  19. I understand that these are templates, but what size are they? The words are meaningless. Actually, so are things like paper size A5, A6, etc. For those who don't know, it would be nice if the size was actually indicated instead of giving it just a name. Any other program that I have used will tell you what the size is along with the name.
  20. That's true, Alfred, but how does that relate to iPad/Pad 2, iPad (mini), etc?
  21. Even so, it would be nice if the rest of us knew what those sizes are. Otherwise they are meaningless.
  22. When working with Art Boards, and going to pick a size from the dropdown Document window, I am totally lost. As a Windows user, I have no idea what those sizes mean. Can that be changed to something that is more meaningful to the non-apple users? I have attached the drop-down menu..
  23. Same here. This was reported a few times but has not yet been fixed. I can't count how many times I have saved something and it saves the Whole Document when I only wanted the selected objects saved. I have to go back and re-save it again. Very time consuming. In any other program I've used, it always saves the last preference. Hopefully, this will be fixed.
  24. Where can I find this video with the stars in a size that I can see? When I open it here, it's very tiny - same size as the display above. I would like to view it almost full screen. A link would be most helpful.
  25. I was able to make a spiral following your instructions but wow.... what a LOT of work!! I think I'll lay off the spirals until Affinity adds that abiliby.
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