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  1. I would also like to see some more features in Publisher. As it is now, I cannot give up PagePlus. I do a monthly publication of about 20 pages and actually tried doing it in Publisher but it just did not have the tools that I need. it has the best cutout feature that I've ever seen in any program.
  2. Two years is a long time to wait. Each time there is a new version, I get excited and hope to see this feature when I open it up but... alas.... am always disappointed.
  3. I have to agree with Teejay. We were promised this which is one reason many of us bought the program. I'm thinking maybe there was a big mud slide that caused a huge road block. While Designer is nice, DrawPlus is a better program. It has great features and it's disappointing to NOT see them included in Affinity. Maybe they need to get a crew to remove the mud from the road and give us what was promised so long ago.
  4. I kind of have to disagree with the part about it being more difficult for older ones to learn such things. Many of us older ones were the pioneers for home computers back in the day. The only reason the older ones might have a problem is because they were not exposed to technology. I am 80 years old and find myself teaching those in the younger generations how to do things. It's not so much a matter of age, it's what you have been exposed to.
  5. Thanks!!! Didn't realize there were two areas. Got it fixed.
  6. Teejay, I thought the same thing as you - I couldn't find my styles. They are there but listed as objectstyles.propcol. Also, someone mentioned that I don't have any info in a sig file. I went to my profile but not sure where to put that info. Nothing specifically says "Sig"..
  7. I don't have that much stuff at the moment but I suspect it would take quite a lot to slow it down. The reason I asked was, in another program that I used, I had 15 years of graphics I made stored in the "Assets" area. It did not slow the system down because what you saw when looking at a given asset was a watered down thumbnail with a link to the asset itself. It loaded the actual asset only when you clicked on the visual in the Assets panel. I was wondering if maybe AD handled the files in a similar manner. Thanks again for the help on the files location. I actually knew that but s
  8. Okay, I found them - thanks!! That answers the first part of my question. The second part is about the size of the various files. If I have a LOT of assets, styles, brushes, etc. Will that cause the program to slow down? Is there a limit?
  9. This is a two-fold question. First, where do Designer and Photo hide your files like your styles, brushes, color palettes, Assets on a PC? I've looked in Program Files, Program Files (86) and in the apps areas, Local, Roaming, etc. and I can't find them anywhere. And secondly, if you have a gazillion styles or brushes, etc, installed, does that slow the program down? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thanks Meb.... will do that!! You can remove this thread.
  11. I'm sure I'm posting this in the wrong place but maybe someone can help. When upgrading to the latest version of Win 10, it totally trashed my computer and I had to re-start over from a fresh install. In doing so, I lost just about everything. I use PagePlusXp on a daily basis and I need to get another copy. I have my invoice number, order number, account number, etc. I went ot the Serif site and cannot find anywhere to download it again. I thought I had saved the file but when I opened the folder where it was supposed to be, all I had was the extra content. Can someone please tell me wh
  12. Please put the spiral shape in the Shapes panel. Each time I want to use it, I have to go to Draw Plus to get the shape the way I want it, then save it and open it in AD. Would be so nice if we could have that little feature.
  13. Thank you!!!! That's exactly where I wanted to go. I hope someone there can help.
  14. I am posting this here because I couldn't find anywhere else to post. Where can I get help with PagePlus? I want to create a simply phone directory, one line per name and phone number that I can print. I have set up a 5/1/2x11 page and added a table to it with 30 lines. I created 8 pages with the table by selecting the Next table option at the bottom of the cell. They are numbered sequentially throughout the pages. If I type (or paste) data into the first table, it will auto flow over to the next page which is what I want it to do. The problem comes when I need to insert a name th
  15. Thanks for the response. I'm not totally happy with that but I can live with it. Just make another artboard and drag the image on to that. Never used artboards before and am beginning to really like them!
  16. I just tested it and YES! It has been fixed. No matter where I type the text, it clips itself to the artboard. This makes me a happy camper!! Thanks to everyone who responded to this topic. I think it was a learning experience for all of us.
  17. Really? Thanks for this information!!! I can't test it now - am heading out to my birthday party but will download the new beta when I get home!
  18. But, since you are working on an artboard, shouldn't the text go below it the same way the rectangle and pen image did? You are just using a different tool to create a vector.
  19. I have been trying to understand artboards in Affinity Desigher which I am beginning to like very much. However, I do have a question. Here's what happens: 1. Start a new document an check Create Artboard 2. Draw a shape on the artboard. The shape is below the artboard in the Layers panel. 3. Use pen tool to make a design. The design is above the shape on the artboard. 4. Use the Artistic text tool and type some text. The text sits above the artboard. However, if I move the text to reposition it on the screen, the text jumps into place on the artboard. Is th
  20. In Affinity Designer, when working on a document, you can drag your object half-way off the document onto the pasteboard. Depending on your settings (the \ toggle) you can see the part that is on the pasteboard as well as the part remaining on the document. When working with an artboard, this toggle does not work. If you drag your object half-way off the artboard, you can only see the part remaining on the artboard. The part that is on the pasteboard is hidden unless you drag it off the artboard entirely. Shouldn't it work the same for both?
  21. I just started looking at artboards this last week so I wouldn't know the difference. Perhaps a few others could try it and see if it "sticks" for them, then if it's truly a bug it should definitely be reported.
  22. OH my gosh, that is so simple!! Thanks, MEB! I just tried it and it works perfectly. Why on earth don't they put that information on the Welcome screen? How would anyone know to do this?
  23. Thanks RC-R - it's not a problem. I am going to opt out of getting emails on this topic because I got exactly what I was looking for. I actually found it interesting that one cannot keep repeating a letter just by holding down the key on the keyboard.
  24. When one creates a New Document in Affinity Designer for the PC, you put in your size and other preferences. They all "stick" so you don't have to do it the next time around. However, the box to Create Artboard does NOT stay sticky. Why is that? I work on an artboard 99% of the time so every time I start a new document, it's an extra step to check that box. I should not have to do that. If I'm in a hurry, I forget to check it so once the document opens, I have to select the artboard tool and drab a box over the document so it becomes an artboard. My request is, please make the ar
  25. Thanks!!! I found the files. My AppData folder is not hidden. When getting a new computer, the first thing I do is unhide that stuff. Didn't think to look there. There are 3 folders under the AppData - the files are in the Local folder. To use them, all I have to do is click on the file which opens AD automatically. That seems like a strange place to put those files because as you said, the AppData folder is hidden. It would be nice if Affinity added a little note on that screen as to where to find them. Again, thank you! Now, I'm going to explore! I'm sure I'll learn a lo
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