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  1. They may mistakenly think that keeping the format closed is better for business but I have to wholeheartedly disagree that they know more than us.
  2. Opening the format isn't going to reveal any more than the UI itself already reveals. I don't use affinity designer and affinity photo because of the file format. I use it because of the GUI. Opening the format will not hurt them in any way and if anything opening the format will give them a competitive edge due to the fact that the format will be more prolific and be used far more than it is now, thus spreading the word of the application outside of the affinity community.
  3. I agree that the afphoto and afdesign file formats should be an open spec. I can understand keeping it closed during development but once the format is near final, please open it up so that it would be possible to preview affinity images in various ways as well as open in third party software. It will improve your sales, not hinder them. If the logic behind keeping it a closed ecosystem is to prevent a loss of sales, it is not correct.
  4. Hi all, just wanted to see if we could have this added to the Affinity Photo roadmap in addition to Affinity Designer. I don't see it in there since it was updated for 1.5. I had to save as PSD then open in GIMP to do the perspective warp...
  5. Can we have a quick way to show the dimensions of the currently viewed document? Maybe just the width x height and dpi in the bottom right of the screen inside the Info tab or the Transform tab? The width and height are grayed out for me when you open a jpg document. It can be grayed out but it'd be nice to have the document size shown there at least for a quick glance. I'm talking about when you open a jpg, png, etc and the Background layer is locked. Maybe I'm missing something, but as far as I can tell the only way to see the current dimensions of the opened document is to click document -> resize canvas, document -> resize document or to unlock the layer, open the select tool and click on the layer before it shows in the transform tab. This is a pain when you're trying to resize a large group of documents manually to match dimensions. I just want to be able to see the dimensions at a quick glance without having to do anything but open the file :) Thanks!
  6. Great news! This is the last thing I need before I can uninstall illustrator
  7. @MEB, any word on if this is still in the plan? It's been over a year since the last official word. I'm looking to completely remove illustrator from my workflow! Thanks!
  8. Shocked this isn't a feature, hope this is being worked on! This is one of my #1 used tools in adobe illustrator.
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