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  1. In Affinity Publisher, my text colour always seems to be around 70% CMY and 80% K. My Printer requires this to be 0% CMY and 100% K. I can change each paragraph individually, but this is very time consuming and surely there must be a way to set Publisher to a default 0,0,0 and 100 %. Can anyone help ?
  2. Squaredancer

    text colour (CMYK)

    Thanks Lagarto, that does clear things up a lot. My document was setup as RGB, so that will explain the problem. However, I do import a lot of material from RGB type sources, so I will have to watch for that. I'm a little more confident of getting somewhere now though, thanks. Square Dancer
  3. Squaredancer

    text colour (CMYK)

    Thanks I'll give that a try
  4. Squaredancer

    text colour (CMYK)

    Sorry Lagarto, I just don't understand all this, and will just give up. Thanks for your efforts
  5. Squaredancer

    text colour (CMYK)

    Sorry Lagarto, I don't fully understand you. I can modify any of my text to K100, but have to do it item by item. What I need is something to tell Publisher that I want Black (K) text, not a mixture of CMYK I cannot remove colour profiles from my document as that would affect the colour pages !
  6. Is this all you want ?

    Square Dancer


  7. Squaredancer

    text colour (CMYK)

    I did export as PDF X4, that's when my Printers told me the text was all in CMYK
  8. Squaredancer

    text colour (CMYK)

    I'll try to put a simple file together tonight
  9. Squaredancer

    text colour (CMYK)

    I tried to create a new style, with my required CMYK, but it didn't work; colours were still around the usual mix.
  10. I have a large number of tables in Serif Pp7. Is there any way I can transfer these onto Affinity Publisher pages ? Peterphyll
  11. Squaredancer

    transferring tables

    Thanks Callum. Yes, that transferred the table OK and I can modify the contents, but I can't work on it as a table (to add or remove rows), and I can't amend the borders ! Regards Squaredancer
  12. In Publisher, is there a way to show multiple pages as there was in PagePlus ? I can't find it ! Peter
  13. Squaredancer

    Multiple page view

    Thank you carl123 - I never thought of trying that !
  14. Squaredancer

    Image handling in Publisher

    Thanks. Hopefully this will be resolved when Publisher is released on 19th Squaredancer
  15. Any idea when the Publisher Beta will be able to link to Affinity Photo ? Or are you planning to make Publisher link with PhotoPlus ? SquareDancer
  16. When I select an image in Publisher, and go to 'file', the option to 'edit in photo' is greyed out.     How do I modify the image ?

  17. Squaredancer

    Image handling in Publisher

    Sorry, don't really understand. With Serif Pageplus and photoplus I was able to select an image in pp and I got an option to use photoplus to modify the image. Is this not going to be possible with Affinity Publisher and Photo ?
  18. Squaredancer

    Image handling in Publisher

    I have Affinty photo 1.6.5 . My Publisher using 'File'' does not have an option to 'Edit in Photo
  19. Finding the tutorials very helpful, but is it possible to make the cursor in the tutorials bigger or more contrasty ? It moves so quickly that it's hard to find where it was moved to, before the next operation takes place. I also miss the undo / redo icon on the toolbar; I know I can use CTRL Z but the icons were so convenient when the mouse is already in your hand.
  20. I'm trying to use your tutorial on 'masking'. I'm instructed to go to 'File>Open' to load an image, but doing that, only allows me to access the most recent folder on my computer. It doesn't allow me to enter the required website. What's happening?
  21. Squaredancer

    ease of use

    Yes, I know, but it doesn't do 'redo' !
  22. Tried that, and it didn't work - same error message.
  23. I don't understand how to use this forum n! I'm trying to install the update to Affinity Photo, - it downloads OK, but when I try to run the .exe file, I get the error message "Exception. CreateDirectory failed" How do I get help ?
  24. Got notification of the Windows Affinity progress. I am only interested in the DTP application, so I guess I must wait some time to see what it offers over PPX9.

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