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  1. Logging into Publisher a message popped up about the new update, but none of the buttons or even the link worked. It froze and I had to do a forced quit.
  2. Thanks, the Transparency Tool did the trick!
  3. Using Affinity Publisher, I am having difficulty in applying a blended/graduated transparency effect to a color photograph. I'm trying to have a transparency blend to a white area on the bottom, but it keeps making my color photo become black & white. I'm using the graduated tool setting both colors to white/#ffffff and setting one end at 100% and the other at 0%. Can someone help?
  4. autumnskye

    Cut it out!

    I'm working with Affinity. Thanks, got it cropped! I have nine layers. If I try to group them, the colors become faded! Should I just lock them without grouping? When I save it, the text and images will be embedded. Will the layers be automatically flattened, as well? I've never used a program as fabulous as this. Kudos to the creators!
  5. I'm working on a book cover and the image I'm using on the front cover extends beyond the area needed. Do I use the crop tool to get rid of the excess or something else? If the crop tool, I am struggling to get it to work. I've tried to watch several of the instructional videos, but they move so quickly, I can't identify exactly how it's done!

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