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  1. Thank you, Walt. I have successfully completed my updates.
  2. I purchased publisher (1.7.1) on June 3, 2019, for my MacOS and received my product key on the 20th. Shortly after this, on opening the app, an "update" screen appeared, but none of the buttons or link contained work. Instead, if I try to select any option, it freezes. My only option has been to close the popup to access Publisher. I also have Photo and Designer, which work fine. In fact, I recently did an online update at the App Store for Designer and noticed it does not recognize that I already have Publisher, just the other two. Something is amiss. Please advise. Thank you.
  3. Logging into Publisher a message popped up about the new update, but none of the buttons or even the link worked. It froze and I had to do a forced quit.
  4. Using Affinity Publisher, I am having difficulty in applying a blended/graduated transparency effect to a color photograph. I'm trying to have a transparency blend to a white area on the bottom, but it keeps making my color photo become black & white. I'm using the graduated tool setting both colors to white/#ffffff and setting one end at 100% and the other at 0%. Can someone help?
  5. I'm working with Affinity. Thanks, got it cropped! I have nine layers. If I try to group them, the colors become faded! Should I just lock them without grouping? When I save it, the text and images will be embedded. Will the layers be automatically flattened, as well? I've never used a program as fabulous as this. Kudos to the creators!
  6. I'm working on a book cover and the image I'm using on the front cover extends beyond the area needed. Do I use the crop tool to get rid of the excess or something else? If the crop tool, I am struggling to get it to work. I've tried to watch several of the instructional videos, but they move so quickly, I can't identify exactly how it's done!
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