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  1. Could you show me where this option is? thanks!
  2. @DM1 thanks for trying! I wonder how many people are in the same situation without knowing...I hope soon there will be an update that clean old parts of code and solve this bug without the need of uninstalling the apps and removing documents. I managed to edit fully this photo in the ipad now! same result as my mac! I am so happy. @Andy Somerfield for your attention
  3. Hi @GabrielM thanks for the test! Indeed I solved the issue thanks to you. Since you didn’t have it I decided to save all my projects and fully uninstall the app (never did in one year). After reinstalling the issue is gone! Can it be that the code didn’t get properly updated in a clean way between updates? If that is the case I think other people that never uninstalled the app due to the size of the projects might have the same bug! thank you very much. It can be marked as solved now
  4. Wow! Thats wonderful! What can be wrong on my Ipad? It's a reboot issue because di had this problem since the beginning...any idea? I would love to solve this
  5. Hi all, I have affinity photo on Mac and ipad since one year ago. After starting using it for few days on ipad I stopped using it since then because the raw developer was much worse quality than the Macbook one, especially in darkness, highlights and the exaggerated contrast slider effect (even at 1%) compared to the Mac one. Yesterday I updated it on both platforms to 1.7 hoping that finally the issue in the different "develop" outputs between the two versions was solved (reading all the nice changelogs). Unfortunately I found to be even worse than one year ago before comparing the same RAW file straight out from my sony a7r2. Am I doing something completely wrong or it safe to assume that it's unusable on ipad? Here I just did a quick test, and I upload the RAW file as well so anyone can try. so first, UNEDITED RAWs in develop persona. open the raw in both platform and the histogram is completely different already, you can see how much is underexposed on ipad compared to the one on Mac. The whole spectrum is shifted to the left. You might say "just crank up the exposure on ipad", but that's not the point. Did you notice all the ruined colors in the water reflections? the reflections in ipad looks like totally burned (giant color stains). If you don't have the computer/ipad with you it's even visible in the two attached screenshot "unedited ipad" vs "unedited mac". let's move to the second example, EDITED RAWs, in develop persona. Exposure raised on both to 0.53EV and contrast to 1%, that's it. Photo "edited mac" is perfectly usable now, photo "edited ipad" needs to be trashed immediately, all the details are gone black. I hope someone can finally enlighten me, I don't know what else to do. Probably is my fault as well that I never found time to write this down in one year time. Thanks! Photo_27-12-18,_8_01_14_AM.arw

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