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  1. Hi Jesus, I use the opacity slider right above the layers panel.
  2. Hello Jesus, I've been experimenting and remembered someone on another Affinity topic talking about not being able to do what he wanted when the line was 100% black. So I tried making my line 99% black and now I'm able to create line styles. See if this will work for you also. If so, then we have a solution, but I hope Affinity will fix this glitch so we don't have that extra step of changing the line color.
  3. I forgot to mention in my original post that the line styles we created created in AD 1.7 (for several pattern designs) in a category called Line Styles have now disappeared when I open those pattern files in 1.8. The category still exists but all the styles inside it are gone except one.
  4. We do pattern designing and need to create a variety of line styles, all black. In AD 1.7 I had no problem — just drew a line with the style I wanted, clicked on "Add style from selection", and it was created. Now with 1.8 I've tried the control/click on the line, chosen "Create style", then clicked on "Add style from selection" — also done several combinations of these actions — but AD will not create a style. Is there something I'm missing or are other people having the same issue? Thanks for any help!
  5. We are more than halfway through 2017 and the ability to move zero point on the rulers has still not been added. Does anyone at Affinity have info on when this might happen in both AP and AD?
  6. Hi Callum, Thank you for replying - I tried to delete my post shortly after writing it but couldn't. Finally discovered if I press the control key while the style I created is highlighted then I have a choice to "rename" which was what I needed. Is there any way to delete a post after it has been posted? Deborah
  7. How do I name a custom line style I created in AD mac version?
  8. I am creating several unique vector line styles and would like to name each - ex., embroidery line, applique line, placement line, etc. Each style is by default labelled "Style 1", Style 2", etc., and I cannot find a way to change it. How do I do this? I have placed all the styles into a category that I named "Line Styles", but would like to name each individual style.
  9. Hi Bleduc, Thanks for the tip! and retrograde, Thanks for the backup!
  10. Hi Oval and all, I'm fairly new to AD and so am definitely lacking in my knowledge of the application but in Freehand and in Illustrator, it was/is easy to toggle between the selection and scissors tools, so when there are several cuts to make, one after another, it is painless. In AD, so far I've found no shortcut, so that I'm constantly having to "travel" up to the break curve icon in order to make a cut. I'm a pattern maker and after drawing all the lines for the objects in the pattern to create pattern pieces, I modify that drawing to create the placement diagram. At that time I cut an
  11. Those of us who do a lot of line drawings would REALLY appreciate a scissors tool that is able to cut a line/path at any location on the line, not just at nodes -- a tool we can simply select, then select the line and cut.
  12. A-Patchy Arrows pattern-2.epsWe design quilt patterns and the Inset Path feature in Freehand has been invaluable. Once a pattern is designed we then pull out the individual pattern pieces and add a 1/4" seam allowance using the inset path function. For example, for a triangle pattern piece, I clone that triangle, go to inset path, input 1 step, Uniform, an inset of -0.25, and a rounded miter... and voila, I have a uniform 1/4" seam allowance added to the triangle pattern. I'm attaching an eps file exported from a Freehand 7 file so you can see what I'm talking about (we just made the sudde
  13. Thanks for all the info -- it gives me lots to think about as it is changing my whole understanding of pixels, dots, resolution, etc. When I said printing I'm talking about through a print house where our images have to be high quality 340 to 350 dpi for the books we publish. Now that I'm using AP rather than Photoshop, I feel like I'm back in kindergarten!
  14. Hi R-C-R, You made a comment about my post above and it was my bad when I said resampling. It IS when resampling is UNCHECKED that width, height and resolution are linked. I watched the tutorial you suggested and understand but am experiencing many of the same issues as Accendare and am wondering why Affinity has made a complicated issue out of what seems fairly simple in Photoshop. If I understand correctly, when you cram a large number of pixels into a smaller area than its original area, the detail and resolution increases (and in the opposite case, decreases). Is that correct? Please help
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