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  1. I agree with @StephenBooth_uk. I also use both platforms and unfortunately I bought Affinity Designer for Windows (and APhoto for Mac) and I would like to to use Designer on both computers (only on one machine at a time). I agree that price is really low but I don't want to buy it twice. It is waste of my money.
  2. Chodec

    dpi value not saved to file

    ygoe: don't save the file. Try to Export instead and uncheck Embed metadata (File->Export->More). This small workaround is working for me. (I found it somewhere on this forum)
  3. Chodec

    Since 1.5.1 Performance is slow a. f.

    I have the same (or similar) performance issues with AP 1.5.1. Before this update I was able to open 10 RAW files simultaneously and all my modification were fast without any delays. Now I have to open RAW files one by one and all steps are slow and annoying. I know that my Mac isn't any hardware killer but for my others activities is powerful enough. (Mac mini Late 2014; 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5; 8GB RAM and SSD drive). I cannot find out if is available some demo of AP1.5.1 for Windows OS. My Windows machine is more powerful than this Mac. Windows trial version downloaded so I going to testing ;-). edit: RAW developing, export to JPG and so on is really faster on 4 core i5@4GHz but memory issue is valid for Windows version as well. 8GB RAM isn't enough anymore...
  4. Hi everyone, I have this problem as well but only for photos with high ISO level (over 2000). The preview in the Develop persona looks nice but when I click to Develop button, denoise level is very weak. I have to set denoise level for Luminance and Colours over 90%. Only then I will have some acceptable result. Photos with low ISO are without problem. Affinity Photo 1.4.1 Canon 70D edit: sorry, I am a total idiot. I have not checked an image at 100% zoom.

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