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  1. Jumping in on this - I'm having the same issue, where the table row/column headers disappear after a while...I can't find a pattern to when/why it happens; after a while they simply stop showing when I select the table. Quitting and restarting Publisher brings them back, as per the comment above. This is using the paid release Publisher 1.7.1.
  2. juddadventures

    Downloaded Fonts Not Showing in AD

    Hey Chris - slow reply to this sorry, but no, the workaround didn't help...no missing fonts were in the 'Font family' combo.
  3. juddadventures

    Downloaded Fonts Not Showing in AD

    Any update on this? There are projects I'm unable to work on in Affinity because I can't access the correct fonts...it's becoming a problem!
  4. juddadventures

    Downloaded Fonts Not Showing in AD

    Dragging up a super old thread - I have a font which has been installed and usable on my Mac for some time, including in previous versions of both Designer and Photo. Since updating to 1.6 versions, I can no longer access this particular font. It is still usable in other apps on my mac, and enabled and visible in font book Any ideas why a particular font may no longer be visible to AD? Font is AR Darling, and it's a ttf.

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