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  1. I have labels and tags assigned to image files in OS X Finder. Whenever I edit a file with Affinity Photo and save the result, a NEW file is being created and only then the old file is deleted. This is perfect behavior. However Affinity Photo does not copy Finder meta data like labels etc to the new file. So after editing an image all the meta data is lost. This is extremely annoying as I have several Smart Folders and Saved Searches based on this data. After editing I cannot find my files anymore. This is a rather serious bug. Any workarounds?
  2. I have the same problem, but for me it's even worse. I tag my files with several tags, one might be "needs processing". Opening a Finder Saved Search for all files with this tag brings up all the files I need to work on eventually. Open one in Affinity Photo, work on it, then save -> file is gone from the Finder Search Results Window. Searching for the file by name finds it eventually (if I cannot remember its name, I have to Open Recent from within Affinity Photo (why can't I context click on the filename in the title bar and the folder path pops up???). The tag "needs processing" is gone (that is ok in this context), but what were the other tags that I had assigned?????? This is really bad, please fix it asap! I am running El Capitan 11.3 with Affinity Photo 1.4.1, all the latest as of today. Thanks for listening (and a quick fix :-)
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