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  1. Just carbon copy Aperture and improve on what it always compared unfavorably to LR. That is basically why I’m even in the forums, to see if Serif will one day tell me if I’m wasting my time looking for such a solution from them or not. Oh and graceful import of Aperture DB, because yes, many still haven’t switched away. What to? Nobody makes a DAM that unified “consumer features” (faces and assigning them to photos) and pro features (smart photo albums, vast tagging, editing and metadata, RAW processing) Basically one application for both your personal but also artistic needs. And I like manual importing, makes sure no “crap” enters my database. Thumbnails, accidents get alerted to me like a missing file that is in the DB but went missing from HDD, I know that everything I add to it has at least gone through my manual initializing like rough tagging, sorting and assigning an event name if applicable, etc... I also would love to be able to manage Live Photos (Apple format) or similar implementations like from Google’s Pixel phones, Samsung’s Galaxy line both of which I think call it Motion Photo. Again, I want ONE application for ALL my photos and video clips. From a casual Live Photo snap to the full-blown well prepared RAW shot from my EOS.
  2. Well, HDDs aren't perfect either and bitrot can occur anywhere. I wholeheartedly agree and I find it outright INSULTING that Apple "forgot" (it seems) how important that is when they announced and further explained their new filesystem AFS. I'm extremely worried about the longevity of my data. Speaking of my data, Aperture on macOS Sierra returns errors like crazy. I need Affinity's take on DAMs YESTERDAY. It breaks my heart to see myself working on what seems an utterly shaky software combination. I have backups, but I'm getting extremely nervous over here. SOME kind of update on the development would be greatly appreciated. Even a "we hear you guys, we're working on it." is better than this dreaded silence I've become too used to from Apple who treat pro-sumers and professionals like casual consumers who don't even actively look up specs and product launches. I'm sorry, but 3 years of not acknowledging the Mac Pros existence after introducing it in an overly smug manner doesn't fly well with this audience, then again, by now everyone and their dog can see how Apple tries to push away the demanding pro sector in favor of consumers who buy things purely for prettiness and leave more margins to be harvested. What a ridiculous situation. I would have NEVER dreamt of feeling so abandoned with media creation on a MAC of all platforms.
  3. This problem is still present and if you ask me it's not a missing feature, but a bug. Of course technically I assume it's behaving as programmed, however from a HIG point of view this seems more like a bug.
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