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  1. It seems ok now, pfff, totally miscalculated in the hurry. Thanks for the attention.
  2. Oh my god, i feel very stupid now. Of course A0 is 840mm x 1198mm and not the size i used. I'll rescale and try again
  3. I have created a A0 poster in AD. Size 8400mm x 11890 mm. Export to PDF (Print Press Ready/ 300dpi) takes for ages and finally generates a 157 mb file. On my mac a can see the file in preview. However when i send the file to the print shop when they open it they see a blank file. I tried to open the file in Photoshop myself and also could not open it and saw i file with now content. Exporting to jpg is not possible because of maximum dimensions of 65500 pixels. Trying to save to a tiff file does nothing after 15 minutes waiting. Please can you help me and tell me what to do to get this file printed?
  4. Hi Callum, thanks for your reply. Can you tell me what i should do if i want to convert the text to curves but want the gradient as it was? Delete al the effects on the seperate elements and apply it on the group or something?
  5. I set a gradient on a text (radial) and converted that text to curves. Affinity Designer changed the gradient after converting it to curves, it applies to gradient to each letter instead of the whole text. See attachments. Is this a bug or should i have doen this in another way? First pic without curves second with curves.
  6. Ok, thanks guys, i think it's best to contact my printer company on this to make sure.
  7. @mickrose: Thanks, i will look into that. But i have another example, i have a document of 98 x 48 cm and export to pdf in AD, the size is 541 kb, when i open the pdf in photoshop and export it to pdf again the file size is 5,4 MB. @ Lee D: yes i could I am not a professional, but is it possible that AD keeps it in some kind of vector pdf and the printercompany does not accept that? It makes me a bit afraid to use exported files from AD for printing.
  8. A client of mine asked me for a 576 cm x 276 cm (68031 x 32598 px) banner for outside use. The printer wants a PDF/x-1a:2003 PDF file. So this is what i did: made a document in Affinity Designer in document set up of 576 x 276 cm / 300dpi / Print (Press-Ready) copy/past the logo (developed in Affinity Designer all vector) and put a text under it, that's it chose export preset PDF (for print) 300dpi (also stated nothing will be rasterised) the esitated file size was 481.58 kb so very small send it to printer and got it back that the file was way to small which i already was afraid of I had to export a eps of the whole thing and imported it in photoshop in a document with the sizes i wanted and exported it. What happened here and what did i do wrong?
  9. I have the same kind of problems when applying a outer shadow. PDF to print.