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  1. firstdefence, Thank you for the suggestion. I used to use the original NIK plugins with AP, but when I changed to a new Mac (Catalina compatible) a couple of months ago, I was unable to get the NIK plugins to reinstall. I guess it is time to drag it out again figure out why they wouldn't install.
  2. Does anybody have experience with Neat Image Version 8.5? Back in my PS days, Noiseware was my "go to" noise reduction plugin. Using Noiseware I could denoise by preset, tonal range & color range, as well as by noise frequency. I have Noiseware, sort of working with AP, but the preview window looks weird. Since Imagenomic explicitly states the they do not support AP, I am in the market for a good Noise Reduction plugin. I shoot at fairly low ISOs and my shots are not too noisy. Up til now I have not been particularly impressed with the Topaz AI products ( I like to do my own thing and not let the machine do the heavy lifting)
  3. Getting help from Topaz Labs is liking talking to a wall. They brought in a new operations manager, Eric Lowery, and he made encouraging words about cleaning up the mess, but I am seeing no improvement in their responsiveness. I send them emails requesting help and I receive an automated reply acknowledging that they received my request, but it takes a week before I receive an answer to my question. And, if their answer doesn't solve my problem, it takes another week (if I am lucky) and so forth. I have a chain of emails going back to 8 October (before Catalina) trying to resolve the plugin problem. I loaded their AI plugins into Affinity Photo and they show up under Filters > Plugins, but when I try to use them nothing happens; they don't even start-up. They do work as stand alone but not as Affinity plugins. And, yes I did restart Affinity Photo. I am using Mac OS 10.15.1 and AP 1.7.3 on a 2019 iMac and I have the latest versions of the plugins.
  4. I just switched from a 5,1 Mac Pro to a 2019 iMac with Catalina. I am using C1, AP and other common S/W and I am not experiencing any problems. In fact, I have found that my post processing seems to be running smoother and faster. I did have an issue getting Noiseware installed as an AP plugin, but that is a known problem (Imagenomic told me that they do not support AP and while it may seem to be "working", it may not be fully functional.)
  5. Spoke too soon, I was finally able to install it using the method you described. And wonder of wonders, IT WORKED!!!
  6. I have been unsuccessfully chasing this topic for several weeks. Is it possible to use Noiseware with Affinity Photo on a Mac (10.15.1)? Prior to going to Catalina, I successfully used Noiseware and Affinity Photo with Mojave , the preview colors were a little squirrelly but Noiseware worked. However, now that I have gone to Catalina, I am unable to get AP to recognize Noiseware. I downloaded the Noiseware installer and Noiseware was successfully loaded into my Applications folder (see screen shot 1). I then went to AP Preferences and, as you can see, Noiseware is in the “Plugin Search Folders” just below the Topaz plugins. I then restarted AP, expecting to see Noiseware under AP Filters. As can be seen in Screen Shot 3, the Topaz Lab plugins are there but Noiseware is not listed as a Detected Plugin. When I open "About this Mac" > "System Report" > "Software", I don't see Imagenomic listed nor is Noiseware listed. So, while Noiseware appears in my Application folder is not being shown in my System Report. As far as I can determine, Noiseware is a 64-bit app.
  7. Interesting. How did you get it to point "to the folder the plugin is installed"? Every time I try it, it goes directly to the actual plugin.
  8. Thank you for your suggestion, however, I did look there first.
  9. This morning I opened an AP photo and selected Filter > Plugins > Topaz Labs > Topaz DeNoise AI. At that point I received a "pop-up" that said "Updates Available", I clicked "Yes". At that point I expected to see the update downloading on my Mac., but I did not, see screen shot 2, followed by screen shot 3. This is likely a Topaz Issue, but because they are so slow to reply to requests for help (my last request took 14 days before I received an answer), I am hoping that somebody on AP forum has a suggestion.
  10. Thank you. Unfortunately, I tried that before I posted, same result.
  11. Thanks to all the help I received from David at All Media Lab, v_kyr, and DWright I was finally able to get the Topaz Lab plugins working. I must be a sadist because now I'd like to get Noiseware operating too. Noiseware was one of the first self learning noise reduction plugins, before AI became the "catchword", and has been my go to package for nearly 15 years and I really miss not having it.
  12. Thank you. Based on your experience and my failure to make it happen, I have reached the conclusion that AP and Noiseware won't play nicely together.
  13. David, I truly appreciate your patience and all the work you put into helping me. Stan
  14. Yes, finally. I was so busy focussing on the Authorise and the /contents/ that I neglected to try it. Thank you VERY much. I really appreciate your help.
  15. You are great!! Thank you very much. I did not realize that "Authorise Global" was supposed to be grayed out. I have tried everything that I can think of, but I cannot get "/contents/" to attach at the end.
  16. This is driving me crazy. I was able to get the sash in. After Restarting, this is my screen However I am still unable to get "authorize global" to work
  17. Thank you for your patience. I am unable to get Authorise Global to work.
  18. THANK YOU!! Making progress?. I removed all of the plugins and reinstalled Adjust AI. This is my new Prefs window, notice the the missing "/Contents/".
  19. Media lab, Thank you for your help. I also tried that tutorial and it did not work for me either. I am now trying your suggestion.
  20. How do I do get those entries into the "Plugin Search Folders" and "Plugin Support Folders"?
  21. DWright, Here is my Preferences window Media Lab, When I went to my new iMac with Catalina, I performed a reboot and a clean install of each plugin. The Topaz apps are working with no problem as stand-alone. I am obviously doing something wrong and I cannot figure what it is.
  22. Thank you, however my issue started before Catalina, while I was still using Mojave. BTW, all of my other apps are working flawlessly with Catalina. Going to Catalina was easier than going to Mojave.

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