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  1. HI Firstdefence, thank you for your reply. The video tutorial i refered to is : https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/332168517/. The video represent pretty much what Iḿ after, but with many more exposures ( astrophotography ).
  2. Hi, while trying to combine light paint images into one, I've tried the mask layer technique just as described in the tutorial video, but haven't been able to achieve good results based on two reasons. 1) I cannot get the mask layer technique to work ( you know subtraction and addicting with the paint brush tool and choosing white or black color ). The subtraction works well, but adding with white doesn't work at all, in fact when choosing white it also subtracts ?? What am I doing wrong ? Are there any tweaks I haven't done ? 2) the other problem I have is while using 5-8 picture. When using - Place - command and importing the desired picture, Affinity doesn't scale it according to the previous picture ( i.e background ). Is there any " auto scale " or alignment feature available ? As combining 5-8 pictures as masks is also a challenge for my old mac - it seems to consume a lot of memory after each command even if I've reduced picture size and resolution. Are there anyone who could give me an advice how to proceed accordingly - obviously I'm doing something terrible wrong.
  3. This feature would be awesome and welcome. Affinity Photo has been my only choice of tools and find it very useful, but tethering to my Canon would be a great shortcut.
  4. Uuuh.... Can´t wait for the update. Most important new feature for me is the Batch processing, but Focus stacking is cool to for macro shots. Keep up the great work guys...
  5. I´d really like to have the batch processing feature to Affinity! That would be really handy when processing 300 astrophotos at once. As it is now, I cannot use Affinity for that purpose... Any news when this will be done ?
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