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  1. That worked. After deleting AP 1.4, the App Store asked if I wanted to "continue download" - which I did. Now running AP v.1.4.1 Thanks!
  2. I started trying to download the update from Affinity Photo v.1.4 to v.1.4.1 on Jan 22. Two days later I'm still getting the error: "Affinity Photo failed to download. Use the Purchases page to try again." When I go to the <Purchased> tab of the App Store, I get the same error. Is this something Affinity can fix, or do I need to start troubleshooting with Apple? -gw
  3. garywright

    1.4.1 updates out now

    Just tried to update from Affinity Photo 1.4 to 1.4.1 via the App Store, but no can do. When I click on the [uPDATE] button, the animation which indicates a download starts - then I get the error: "Affinity Photo failed to download, Use the Purchases page to try again." Anybody know what the "Purchases page" is, and how to find it? -gw