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  1. Agree that technically there is a only one window (with multiple tabs) when not in separated mode and this is consistent between the apps, however, for me, this is not intuitive and, since there can only be one window in the window menu windows list when not in separated mode, it is not a useful list I expect to be able to switch between multiple documents and their "views" via the window menu whether or not in separated mode and also to be able to switch between them using os-level task/window shortcuts Logically I suppose this means that each document should have its own top-level
  2. +1 I am creating a large library of assets to be shared company wide. As skinneejoe says, we don't always know how best to organise things in the beginning. Also others may wish to reorganise to match their specific interests and personal conceptual models.
  3. Hi I'm running AD 1.5.3. on Mac Have noticed that when assets are displayed as a list, their names are not displayed at all if the asset panel is not wide enough to display the whole description. I assume this is a bug, as it would be logical to either cut off or wrap the description, rather than not display it at all. Thanks for your attention, regards, Tim
  4. Hi Very pleased to be able to manage assets within AD and am spending a great deal of time creating various libraries for our company :) I therefore wish to ensure that the growing asset library is both backed up frequently and shared as seamlessly as possible with my colleagues. I know that I can export assets to a file, but I would like to write scripts to backup and share with my colleagues whenever I make a change to the library of assets. Could you therefore let me know where are the assets are actually stored on a mac, so that I can target this directly rather than requi
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