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  1. crookedhalo10

    Image quality suffers after resizing document

    Well I'm glad that people are seeing that there is some kind of issue, even if pinpointing the exact cause is confusing. I've tried different sampling methods, and compared them when reducing the image from the Document menu versus the export menu and going through the export menu is always noticeably better.
  2. crookedhalo10

    Image quality suffers after resizing document

    I'll give this a try, but I don't remember having to do so many steps to reduce an image and keep it looking good in Photshop. I just reduced the size of the image, never even cared about the re sampling options, and it worked out just fine. Also a good point someone made, if Nearest Neighbor is such a poor choice, then why is that the default? I notice in the Export dialog box, Billinear is the default. I thought that might be the issue, but I tried all the re sample options in the other dialog box, and still had issues. But yes Neighbor did the poorest job. So why have that as a default?
  3. crookedhalo10

    Image quality suffers after resizing document

    I've read through everyone's post and here are few my thoughts. One of the first things I did was to make sure the image quality was not a result of it being zoomed in too close. Even at actual size there is noticeable drop in image quality. It's just a little bit less noticeable but still there. The samples I provided were captured at a zoom level so that people wouldn't have trouble seeing the issues. There must be something wrong because there is a workaround I forgot to mention in my original post. I wanted to add this detail, but for some reason I was limited in how many post I could make. The workaround is simple enough. I do the normal changing of the document size, because usually I want to know the image size in inches vs pixels. Then I undo everything and work on the image at the original dimensions. When I am ready to export the image, at the export dialog box, I make the size changes there instead. And the image comes out just fine. If I make the dimension changes through the Document menu I get the issues. Why would changing the size in one dialog box (Document>Resize Document) produce issues but not another (File>Export) I hear what everyone is saying about the resolution being a 72ppi. But remember if we start at a very large image dimensions wise, even with low ppi, shrinking it down shouldn't degrade the quality of the image. If anything it should help it covering up any artifacts. Just imagine an image the size of a billboard, with some noticeable flaws. Now shrink it down to the size of a postage stamp. The flaws are still there, but at the smaller size any jagged edges would appear smoother. Does anybody remember Quark? They had a term for this in their software. Relative Resolution. As you take an original image, and shrink it down, the resolution (ppi) technically increases. If you have a 50inch by inch image at 72ppi and reduce it to 10inch by 10inch, it still 72ppi as far the software is concered, but Quark would also compare the new size to the old and give you a Relative Resolution. So now maybe your 10x10 is equal to having a ppi of 180ppi or something. In any case reducing the image should not degrade the quality of the image. It should help it appear more sharp if anything.
  4. crookedhalo10

    Image quality suffers after resizing document

    Here is a sample of what I'm experiencing. The original file is 4672px by 2628px. DPI of 72. So low DPI but huge in dimensions. Should be able to work with this, especially if the end result is a smaller dimension. So I change it to 792px by 446px which is still pretty big at this point. I kept the Resample: at "Nearest Neighbour" but I experience similar results with other sample options. To me its seems obvious where the strange artifacts and jagged edges appear, but if you look closely at the inside edge of the washer and the overall texture of the washer looks rough or has noise compared to the original picture. As if a sharpen filter was applied and someone over did it. Any thoughts? Post1.tiff Pre1.tiff
  5. crookedhalo10

    Image quality suffers after resizing document

    i just tested that as I am preparing some samples. It is not as bad when using the other sampling methods, but still seems like an obvious reduction in image quality. And its not a matter of being zoomed in too close at the newer size. When viewing at actual size or exporting the file, the image issues are still there, though depending on how small one goes, it becomes less noticeable. I'll post some samples soon.
  6. Often I will need to send images to my boss, and to get them to through email I simply reduce the file dimensions, to reduce the file size, so they can go through. In some cases after making the images smaller, their is a noticeable drop in image quality. I wouldn't call it noise but things don't look as sharp or there are jagged edges. This happens with images I take or that I find on the web. Also happens regardless of other filters or effects added. I will try to post some examples when I can, but just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this or if I'm just lucky.
  7. Did this get resolved? I have a similar bug to report.
  8. crookedhalo10

    Affinity Photo iPad (Pro)

    I just want to add my support for a mobile version for all Affinity software. Especially for the iPad Pro, and for them to have as full featured as the desktop versions. That would be great.

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