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  1. I've got the Zoomify Photoshop plugin from the website and I'm trying to add it to Affinity Photo but I'm not having any luck. Thinking it was to do with the file downloaded I tried using a copy from an actual copy of Photoshop that a colleague has but still no luck (there is a file difference in that the folder direct from PS has .swf file and .zvt while the downloaded one has .js file, oddly, with .zvt). I've not used plugins before with either PS or Affinity so not sure if I'm doing things right. I'm adding the folder to where affinity suggests and then restarting the app, but nothing appears within the dialog. Anybody else had any success with this or shall I call it quits and maybe get my PS using colleagues to export the file for me? Thanks!
  2. +1 for this. An inline preview option with slices would be pretty cool so you can see how the whole document looks with different image qualities/types.
  3. Hmm, somewhat confused now, my fault as I'm not used to design tools The way I see it working as a web developer is any object or position should be snapping to a integer value and not to any floating point; so if I create a circle or square then it needs to snap to that whole pixel value. This should levitate any issues when it comes to snapping two objects against each other. Hope that makes sense. :)
  4. Really loving Affinity Designer at the moment and it's pretty perfect without all the bloat of a certain other package, very tempted to throw my money down for it now. One thing that's bugging me at the moment is the pixel snapping isn't working as expected and I'm getting values of "320.3 px" rather than a whole integer ("320 px"). I've attached my snapping settings as an image to show how I got it all setup so maybe I'm doing something wrong or I'm mis-understanding it? But as a web developer, I work in integer values, so a point-something of a pixel doesn't work for me and is a bit of pain when dealing with tight layouts. Aside from that Affinity is perfect and such a nice, clean and easy to use tool!
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