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  1. You can import those plugins directly on Af photos and use it there before moving to studio links. The studio link is great and make my life easy for offline edits.
  2. But you have no alternative than the subscription of Indesign which hurt your pocket, I have no regrets and am sticking around till all features are implemented. Note this is a new product and is not open source product as your remarks, we followed this product through the beta period to the release and we all know what we are purchasing. If you are here for your affiliate marketing sorry guy, go back and continue with your borrowed time products of Adobe which you own notting but renting the platform.
  3. Is there a reason that Serif doesn't seem to address the issue of merge capability?  I haven't seen any responses from them.  I have been loyal to serif since 1996.  And I, also, greatly depend on the merge function.  So if and when they DO set up the merge features, are we going to have to pay for that?  If they want to truly compete with InDesign, which I hope they give them a run for their money, this feature has to be included.  Has anyone seen any responses from Serif regarding this issue?

    1. Nicreativ


      Hopefully the forum manager will log Data Merge and Bar code generator features, most of our works are on variable data input delivery uses this function and that is hooking me on adobe.

  4. Data merge and bar code generator is very important features we use every day, just bought the full version of Publisher and also owning Photo and Designer from their launch. Please Serif, add this features on upcoming updates, just wanted to cancel my Adobe account asap.
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