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    Yasir got a reaction from ASLdesigner in Suggestion: captioned/subtitles added to tutorial videos   
    That is a good idea. If it not possible,
    I have a partial solution: to point with an arrow the name of tool the narrator speaks.
    For example, if the tutorial mentions how to move a layer to the top, by selecting it and drag it to where you want, then show the arrow and "select and drag layer" should come on the screen.
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    Yasir got a reaction from HaroldBark in Best tool to select part of a photo   
    I have been using AD & AP for one year now, most of my work is in graphic design and food photography, which I use AP to cut around an image, the choices are either the lasso tool or brush tool; I'm used to the pen tool being an illustrator user for 20 some years.
    Most tutorial videos utilize the brush tool combined with the refining method, I was wondering is it possible to convert the marching lines in the Freehand Lasso tool to vector lines, this will be really ideal to fix certain spots.
    And would like to hear other opinions what is the best method to cut around in a photo, I'm sure Freehand Lasso tool in AD in the pixel persona will do the same as AP, lasso tool.