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  1. Pixelmator Photo on the iPad has an option to save edited photos back to the iCloud Photo Library, so that the original one is "modified". The unedited original will still be available, since you can use the revert function in the Photos.app. Adding this feature to Affinity Photo would help me reduce the amount of duplicates after editing photos and having the original one as well as the edited one side by side in my iCloud library. (Photo source)
  2. Glad to hear that! I thought maybe the little workaround with exiftool can also help some other people until the bugfix :rolleyes:
  3. As far as I can tell, the problem still isn't fixed. Meanwhile I found out that you can use "exiftools" to copy the EXIF information from one or more RAW files to their edited JPGs with the following command: exiftool -tagsfromfile %d%f.NEF --orientation -ext jpg DIR
  4. Hello, after editing some RAW files I exported them to JPEG (via File-Export and export persona). Unfortunately the EXIF data is partly wiped. You can also see it in the screenshots attached. One side effect of this: I mostly collect my photos (RAW and JPEG) in the Photos.app on the Mac and my iDevices. If I import the RAWs and JPEGs directly from my cam, Photos.app recognizes that they belong together. This seems to be made by comparing the EXIF information of the pictures (maybe date of shot?). But if I edit a RAW in AP and export it as JPEG (same filename), the Photos.app don't longer recognizes, that both pictures belong together. Because of that all edited photos are twice in my photo library. I really liked the fact, that Photos.app combined the RAW with the edited JPEG and only showed the edited one, but you could also export the original RAW. Hopefully my text is mostly understandable as I'm not a native English speaker ;) Best regards, Sebastian