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  1. Tripiatrik

    Adjustment layer not working!?

    Such an easy solution.. thank you so much! :) But this is kind of a bug, no? I wouldn't have guessed that.
  2. Tripiatrik

    Adjustment layer not working!?

    Thanks for your reply! You are right! I recognized this too, but I don't know the reason for it. I'm going to send you the document in a pm so you can have a closer look and try for yourself.
  3. Hi, I have a strange problem with live adjustment and filter layers. They simply doesn't work anymore in this document. I was working on this image yesterday and all was fine. Today I wanted to finish it but I stucked immediately because of that issue. The only thing where I can notice a little change is the group of circles. My intention was to adjust the mountain image. As you can see on the screenshot, I have set a gaussian blur filter on top with maximum setting. This is just for example because the effect should be clearly visible. Any clue? I already closed the program and restarted my mac. And it works normal in another open document. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks again! I guess I will get used to it and it seems like a very convenient way to work. :)
  5. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed! However, I wonder if this could've not been implemented more intuitive. For example in the eraser tool, normal click for erasing, alt-click for adding. But that's just my thoughts. It would've taken me a long time to find it out by myself. Is this the same in Photoshop?
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie to Affinity, so please bear with me as this is probably a really dumb question.. When I have two layers and want to partially add some transparency to the top layer, so that it fades into the background layer, I can use the eraser tool. So far so good, but how can I get the opposite effect? I mean, adding opacity to my top layer. It must be so easy but I can't seem to find it! I have seen tutorials to paint an effect using the paintbrush, but when I use the paintbrush, I can only paint in the selected color. What do I overlook? Please help! I've attached an image of the edit to make my issue more clear. The elephant should have looked like it's just coming out of the mist. I've managed to finish it using the eraser tool really careful and undo when I erased too much.