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  1. Hi I would like to be able to crop an image to exact dimensions for web, eg. a slider at 980px by 400px, as it is possible in P.shop. I realise this is more an image editing feature than a vector feature, but I cannot find an easy or quick way to do this other than P.shop and P.shop CC is a bit too expensive for me at the present time, especially as it's an annual cost. Many thanks
  2. I used to use xara extreme before getting a Mac, I find illustrator clunky after xara and one of the xara features I like is the slider for feathering which is ready in the tool bar to use without having to go into a menu. I have used Parallels and VM Ware fusion and not got on with them very well even on a high spec new mac, so if Affinity can even come close to Xara I shall be well pleased, hopefully it will surpass it. They tell me Xara will not be developed for Mac, so I have to find an alternative and Affinity looks like a good candidate. I use Xara for concept, refits and alteration drawings for my work as a shipwright, I have attached my most recent drawing done in Xara so you can see what I am looking for.

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