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  1. I have both Photo and Designer on an iMac but recently purchased both for Win 10 as well. For the free stuff that comes with it i installed Skyfonts as suggested. I am running Win 10 1803 and began to experience complete unresponsiveness of the PC. The only thing that would work was the mouse pointer would move. No other response. A number of times I had to reboot and on a couple of occasions the machine wouldn't start past the desktop. When it did behave for a while start up was painfully slow and browser load was painful to watch. I noticed on a couple of occasions that a pop-up from Skyfonts was advising an issue with it not loading on boot. It occurred to me that this might be the overall issue so attempted to uninstall it. Was a long process and the uninstall seemed to do nothing for minutes but eventually very slowly completed. The PC seems now not to have the complete lockup issue. On doing some research complete uninstall of Skyfonts seems not straightforward as it leaves a lot of stuff behind and there are reports of it not going away completely. Can't say I have had any problems since getting rid. Hope this helps anyone with similar experiences.