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  1. So, there is no solution for this situation with Affinity Photo, then, right?
  2. Got it, thank you. The only thing is that I am not seeing "View Mode" option: https://cl.ly/j39e
  3. Hi Meb, Thanks for your response. I do have that option checked in general. Additionally, I just downloaded all missing fonts, and still the same issue. I just uploaded the file to the dropbox with my username. Is there a way to force Affinity to replace fonts that I don't have with alternative fonts as Pages did? Thanks!
  4. I am using a file from Envato Elements, and have an issue with how Affinity Photo is handling it. Here is a screenshot of the product: https://cl.ly/j3GF Here is how Affinity Photo opens the .PSD file: https://cl.ly/j3Zj Here is how Pages opens the Word template, for comparison: https://cl.ly/j38H As you see, it is missing several elements. My biggest concern is that Photo can't open a PSD file properly and this is a pretty simple file, so how can I rely on it with more complex projects? Thanks!
  5. Great, thank you so much! I spent probably an hour trying to figure this out. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, Seems that this is a very frustrating and complicated process, and I can't get the file to look nice either. Sorry for comparison, but in Illustrator its one button : convert to grayscale. What is the best way to convert to grayscale with Affinity Designer? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Part of my 2016 goal is to improve my design skillset. I have a good eye, but my lack of skill is frustrating. I really tried to make this as close as possible, but I do not know how to create the antenna line to follow the outline of the phone at the top and the bottom. If you feel like leaving a tip on how to do that, please do so :-) Cheers!
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